Saturday, September 27, 2014

samples and freebies 9/21/-9/27

Here are my samples and freebies for the week of sept 21- to 27 2014 I went on Murad website and ask for samples and they emailed me back right away and said they will just asked what my skin problem type was. Breath right i dont know if i went on their website or what i forgot lol.

Tena samples of 5 and $2 coupon
cant fix this lol From Exceptional diamonds i got the size ring thing

the Barleans Omega swirls and  $2 coupon, Nivea $1 dollar off coupon

Next week more coming

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Massive Giveaway Haul: Tarte Rainforest After Dark & BH Cosmetics #2

I entered you should to!~#DMQGiveaway

I dont know if i should blog about my freebies each day or wait till the week is over to blog about it. I entered quite a lot of giveaways and got to get a lot of samples and freebies this week too bad this morning i went to take a nap at 11am and forgot about samples coming out at 12pm lol 4 hours later i went to get it  dont know if i got it but oh well. I got my samples today for one and than i got another two days ago. I am just waiting on my pinchme box samples its been 22 days already and people i seen online have got theirs already today
i entered into another giveaway

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

my elf makeup that i won from 9/7/2014 from youtuber Hapamanda  the elf bronzed Look, the elf shimmer lip glosses, the eyeliner cream, the eyeshadow and the elf nail polish
I tried the shimmer lip glosses all three and i have to say i like it these are not sticky at all and i have yet to try the ELF Ariel Collection glosses lol as i heard they were sticky so i didnt open them or take it out of the box.

The cream eyeliner falls out of the thing i dont know about other people's cream eyeliners but i dont think i will buy that.

I just entered Naja