Friday, May 29, 2015

Freebies, Samples and Wins for 05/22/15 to 05/29/15

Sorry there is no youtube video for me this week I am sick and my voice is totally gone so until i feel better than Its just blogs

So my freebies and samples this week are

I got coupons from 4c, Innovasian, and Sister Schuberts when i wrote to complimented them and got some samples from Lab series for men

I already posted about my hawaii snack box i won few post below, I got grab good good bag of laundry and dish stuff, nieslon survey sent me a survey to do and gave me 2.00, I also got a black towel from Towelcenter for salons and etc. That was a sample and than Mom's week i got the epicor samples

I wrote to Kahiki complimented them and than they told me they will send a coupon but in the fedex package they said i was a fortune friday winner so i got those long chopsticks and then Pinecone Research send me a product to review.

I redeem

I got jerky from Fusion Jerky

Mission from crowdtap advil and johnsons grillers, some protein health stuff. Seeds of good seeds. a check from Surveysavvy of 24.00 and a macey thing from a friend of mine who sent me a sample of 3 in primer sample.

I won from Cosmopolitian mag for a physcians formula bb lip and cheek stain. and than smiley360 woman vitamines

Monday, May 25, 2015

Hawaii Snack Box Review

Hawaii Snack Box is a new subscription box a few months ago i found it and went to like their facebook and they were about to launch in May so they had a giveaway so the 1st 3 people to get 100 refers will get a whole year free of the boxes. I entered that one and i had also entered in their other giveaway, If you would like to subscribe to a box and get a box so you can taste some Hawaii snacks the link is below. I had 100 so i was one of the one that won a whole year free

Hawaii Snack box

What Hawaii Snack Box design looks like

Macadamia Nuts


Short Bread

Cotton Candy

Chocolate Macadamia Clusters

My review and tasting in the video 

Wishtrend TV 100K Giveaway + 7th Wish, Try, Love teaser

Friday, May 22, 2015

Influenster Spring4wine with Club W


I had this in my box for Influenster but i dont have the money to even get this wine for myself even with the coupon code, But if you have it in your box you should definitely get it if i had enough money or a credit card i would jump at the chance to get this if i have the money for it. I got this for free to give my honest opinions sorry this post is short and no pictures the picture of it is on my review a few posts down. 

Thursday, May 21, 2015


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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Cottonelle Review

I had applied for Crowdtap for this Cottonelle Mission and I got in to get this product free to try so these are my own Opinions

This is a mega roll 4 in 1 ultra strong and it has clean ripples. As you can see from the roll it is larger and wider than the one on the right. The one on the right is another brand which i forget the brand name. This will save you time as you will not end up buying more after using up how ever many rolls in a month.  Usually I dont end up buying it after all rolls are done anyways we buy them in bulk. This my mom will buy more of since she said this is a great brand and nice brand. I put it on the toliet paper holder and it fits and its soft, the ripples are nice.  I have shared and told friends and family about how i got this free to try and i shared some with them when they came over to hang and they took them home to try. They liked it after using it for 1 day. So even though i had a coupon i gave it to my mom as she is the one to go buy toilet paper. I would rate this very great !!

Monday, May 18, 2015

DragonBlade Review

I finally got the chance to watch DragonBlade. This movie has a very awesome cast.
Cast is of course Jackie Chan, John Cusack, Adrian Brody and from Super Junior Korean boygroup Cho Siwon.

John and Jackie Chan in this movie is nice Adrien Brody is not lol. Siwon is good except so of course a short role.

Jackie Chan plays Hua An the commander of the Protection Squad of the Western Regions during the han Dynasty.

Thing is I dont think that he is supposed to know english? I dont know if i say I would love it or hate its its eh ok. I only watched for John and Siwon and the action scenes. Pretty good action scenes. Its comedic as well for some parts if you like Jackie Chan and want to see this movie go see it

The rest of the Summary is in the link. Overall i give this film a C.


Sunday, May 17, 2015

Influenster Bellavoxbox Review

I had received this Bellavoxbox from Influenster for free for testing purposes so these are my own honest opinoins  In the box as you can see i have an ecotool brush, clubw wine. Ebay thing to do, dove chocolate, Not your Mother Dejavu, Kate's Rimmel Lipstick and mascara and Sally Hanson's airbrush legs
The club w and ebay one i did not do as i didnt want to buy it or do it. But the Sally Hansen others may like it but i dont go out in the sun to do suntan so putting self tanner on my legs was a bad idea. It came out medium as it was medium. It did not look that good on my legs.

This Deja Vu hairstyle with berries is the one i like in this box and after washing hair put it on while damp and rubbing it in to the roots to your ends after that blowdry your hair if you want it will last a few days and your head will not get oily.It works It smells nice and there is no stickiness i like it.

This is with makeup on with the mascara Kate Moss Scandal Eyes line picture

The mascara

This is with the Kate Moss Lipstick line its too red for me i usually do not wear this type of brightness on my lips but others say it is pretty on my lips.


this is the ecotool brush its wooden so i like it but kinda heavy it does the job well. I like it.

using the brush on my face

Dove whole blueberries chocolate i never had Dove chocolate before so i didnt know if i would have liked it but i do its very delicious and yummy. It has the taste of blueberries inside.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Korean Drama Blood Review

Blood So this is my review for Blood about a Vampire pure blood i guess would have to say. Go read the summary on the link. So i have three favorite people in this drama. Ji Jin Hee as evil. He is great!!! Ku Hye Sun from boys of flowers and Ahn Jae Hyeon from My love from another star. Some people have said that Hye Sun cant act still from Boys of Flowers to now. I dont care for if she cant act or not. I like the story line and great actors Ahn Jae Hyeon maybe he cant act but eye candy. He is cute and hot vampire. There is romance in this and action scenes. Some may say this is like twilight i never seen twilight so cant compare i dont think its is cheesy though. So go if you have interests go watch it if you dont like the 1st episode its ok. You can see the hot picture on the bottom that is at the end of the drama

Review of Korean Drama Hill Me Heal Me

I want to start doing drama reviews no matter if it is asian or american.

I started watching this drama with Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eun in it because he is a great korean actor. Also whatever drama he is in he flares! So this one is also good. The drama summary is in the link so go click the link to go read it. Kill Me Heal Me

So on to my review this drama is awesome. His character few personalities is great there is great adlibbing too. teen girl, old man, cool cold personality, teen male is also good. This is about DID so if you are not into mental disorders dont watch it but this also has romance in it too. There is a lot of crying in this drama so if you are not into sad dramas dont watch it too. This gave me lots of tears and such. But i kept on watching cuz it is hiliarious and sad at the same time. I cant wait for his next drama. Ji sung also sung on the soundtrack and he is not a singer but he should be I am going to buy the series and the soundtrack. I finished this drama yesterday and starting another drama. Before i started on Kill Me Heal Me. I had just finish Blood so watch for the next review.

Tiger Balm Products Review

My Tiger Balm I won on winitwed on their facebook a while back. I won all these for being top fan that week. I got ginger candy, 2 caps, tons of samples packs, rub and shoulder cream 2 of them. 3 of the ones near the ginger candy and lots of pads for joins and more cream.

I gave out some samples to family. My mom tried one of the ginger candy she said it is good even though she didnt have a cold she ate it like that.  The rest of the products i havent used yet cuz i have no pain right now but when my arm muscle is hurting i would put one the cream on it. My dad has tried the pad for his back and he said it works wonders after a few days but he loves tiger balm he use to buy them but i havent seen them in the house for a while. He was going ot buy them the other day but mom told him that i already won them so do not buy.

If you have any pain with your joints and muscles or whatever pain on your body use these it will work. Go over to facebook and join their facebook and try to win it on wed.

Freebies and Samples and wins 5/4 to 5/09/15

I havent updated my blog about what i got for a while but just showing it on youtube and than posting it on here so going back to it right now

Saturday i got bag to the left which is butterfly pea tea leafs on amazon with my survey money. Its good for your hair and grayness. Cleanse your blood and helps your eyes. It only cost me about 6.00 on amazon free shipping. But to me cost me 0 and to the left of the bag is mambo sprouts summer coupon booklet

I got on amazon the Kdrama Boys over Flower kissing star necklace cost about 3.00 free shipping but i think i should have gotten the 10.00 one as the 10.00 one looks like the kissing star necklace but its ok I will get the 10.00 one soon. It was also use from my survey money. Nature Valley sample Nut Crisp Salt Caramel. This is really good although it came broken i still ate it. The stress ball on the right is from Wonderful Pistachio that I won 

Close up of the kissing star necklace

Besty's Best if you go on their facebook page you can go on their website and get a sample of the gourmet Almond Butter. Than My back to nature free coupon from week of wellness which Sampler on facebook was doing for week of wellness if you dont already know sampler is doing one again for may 20th of this month for owner with pets so go to sampler on facebook and RSVP when they post.

This teddy bear fine print thigh highs. Is is stocking thigh highs i got it off amazon for 3.48 free shipping with my survey money. It fits and its cute that is all i have to say as i will be buying more.

Wild Alaskan Fish oil I won from their facebook page  so i got fish oil, pen and their booklet.

I got one of the Camerena little wallet i guess for phones. Than i got one bob evans $5.00 off for their products and than i got $1 dollar off Kraft cheese.

Crowdtap Aveeno Review

I got these Aveeno products to review from Crowdtap for free from Aveeno. These are my own opinons so let me go and review them for you.

This new Aveeno Daily Moisturzing lotion sheer hydration 1st. 2nd it absorbs in secons with powder like feel and 3rd it will hydrate on your skin for 24 hours. Also in this is natural soothing oatmeal in it.

a sample size but its ok i can carry this with me in my purse whenever i want

I put it on my skin and its smooth as heck and pretty clean. It doesnt give me any bad smell the smell is quite good. Not too strong or bad just nice. I like it

This Aveeno lotion sunscreen which is a new item it protects and hydrates when you are in the sun outside. Its Broad spectrum SPF 30. It helps to reverse skin dehyrdation with nourishing oats also. When i first open this up the smell was flowing out pretty nice smell I like the smell. Although i dont go out to hang out in the sun a lot i dont usually get a burn or get that dark. But i will start doing that now using this as this is also a sample size that i can also put in my purse good thing too.

I like these products if you want to go review go to Crowdtap join the community and do quick hits and challanges and stuff to get to review products for free!!

Monday, May 4, 2015

Charmyn blippo-x-giveaway its the Kawaii Giveaway

I entered Charmyn blippo-x-giveaway its the Kawaii Giveaway with asian japanese items and food!! Very awesome giveaway. I have never won a kawaii giveaway but this time i hope i do. If you want to enter it go enter in the link above.

Sunday, May 3, 2015

Pink Kabuki Brush Giveaway by Interntional Giveaways

I entered International Giveaway's Pink Kabuki Brush giveaway

The giveaway is open worldwide and end June 30, 2015, if you want to go enter under the pictures!!

Go here to the link International giveaway