Monday, May 11, 2015

Korean Drama Blood Review

Blood So this is my review for Blood about a Vampire pure blood i guess would have to say. Go read the summary on the link. So i have three favorite people in this drama. Ji Jin Hee as evil. He is great!!! Ku Hye Sun from boys of flowers and Ahn Jae Hyeon from My love from another star. Some people have said that Hye Sun cant act still from Boys of Flowers to now. I dont care for if she cant act or not. I like the story line and great actors Ahn Jae Hyeon maybe he cant act but eye candy. He is cute and hot vampire. There is romance in this and action scenes. Some may say this is like twilight i never seen twilight so cant compare i dont think its is cheesy though. So go if you have interests go watch it if you dont like the 1st episode its ok. You can see the hot picture on the bottom that is at the end of the drama

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