Monday, July 27, 2015

Hawaii Snack Box July Review

I got my Hawaii Snack Box this month its my third one and I have to say this was just not better than the 1st two. If you like to try to get a subscription go to and pick a subscription get your 1st box free!!

What the outerbox usually looks like 

What is inside the box

This Island Princesss Maui Onions Macadmia Nuts are really darn good Its onion and nuts totally different and i like it!!

This lion coffee i have no tried yet i havent opened it

This as usual is from Li Hing Mui from Asia Trans Rainbow Belts candy. Plum, but this one tastes better than the cotton candy from my 1st box

Lychee candy i had about 10 or 11 pieces but i gave some away to my mom this is yummy

This as it says is the Da Best Chex Mix Eva with Furikake seasoning, I just tasted it and it is really good and sweet. Its different than that regular chex mix 

So this is my review if you want some go to their facebook page or their webpage and get it! 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Suze likes, loves, finds and dreams: Review & Giveaway: Tanya Loves Japan Candy Box!

Suze likes, loves, finds and dreams: Review & Giveaway: Tanya Loves Japan Candy Box!: General information The Japan Candy Box is a fantastic initiative of the company that also sends the Kawaii Box .

I entered the  giveaway so if you want to win a Japan candy box enter also !! It has a lot of goodies in this box from japan!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

xliciousgirl Summer Giveaway!

I entered Xliciousgirl Summer Giveaway  Which is open worldwide she is giving away makeup!!! and etc. I entered so why not you go enter it too if you want to win!!!

The Link is below so go to her blog and enter she has a lot of awesome things
Summer Giveaway

Friday, July 17, 2015

Bangkok Garden Restaurant Review

 I went to Bangkok garden in Virginia Beach for lunch. I went with my mom, uncle and aunt and not much people were there for lunch but they have a few restaurants open up in different part of the hampton roads area. I been here a lot when i was younger and that was for dinner. Went to eat here 4 yrs ago when a friend came to visit. This time it was just for lunch.
The inside of the restaurant same last 4 years ago but before that it was totally different look.

My mom ordered the pad thai it was pretty good she got full off it.

My Prior wan(Sweet and Sour) Its in the stir fry section. I like this dish better than any other laos or thai restaurant that has it. If consists of pineapples, cucumbers, green and red peppers and corn and onions. It filled me up.

my salad and veggie eggroll

My uncle's noodles with tons of gravy i thought it was Lad Na but it wasnt I couldnd find it on the menu so closest to it lol. My uncle likes it and filled him up.  The only picture i didnt take is Tom Yom Goong, My aunt's dish because she was eating it already and i didnt take it lol.

Overall i would still go there and recommend it if you are in the Virginia Beach area if you come to visit during the summer!

Friday, July 3, 2015

kawaii Box May Unboxing and Giveaway #kawaiibox Ends July 6th From Marnie Rily

Marnie Riley is having Kawaii Box giveaway for July..I am entering cuz i want to win another one!! So its great of Marnie to have this giveaway!!

If you want to enter go subscribe to her channel and follow and enter her giveaway. She is awesome!!