Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Night Light Table LED Lamp- Micro Landscape Design-Touch To Control Review

I got this from  a seller in my emails that ask me to try this out in exchange for my honest opinions. These i saw was cute so i chose it. Inside is a animal design it has calm and soothing light if you are scare at night or if your kid is scared of night and having this in the bedroom would be good for them.

You can turn it on and it will turn on or you can turn on and you can use your hands to tap it to many different settings 3 modes  middle, bright and low It has a usb charge

I chose a blue one so its pretty cute the lights are pretty you can put it anywhere in the house either for bedroom or for when you want to read.

It came with a gift bag so if you want to gift it to someone with a kid or baby you can do that.

AICase Hubsan H002 Nano Q4 2.4GHz 4CH 6-axis GYRO Headless Mode Mini RC Quadcopter Helicopter Drone Review

I got This Alcase Hubsan H002 Nano Quadcopter Helicopter Drone on discount It has a charger it has extra Mini blades, camera but i dont have a SDHC card to test it out so i dont know what it sees there is a remote that needs AAA batteries and so I put that in and it totally works. I added it in to the remote control and it lights up to red. On the drone i had to press down so it can also have  colors come on to  know that it has turned on. It is very light weight and durable. I made it fly and it goes really fast up in the sky and than it just falls down fast. It didn't break at all.

The camera is 480 and i it comes with a USB cable, a manual, a transmitter. The remote is easy to use you just need to turn it on and it makes noises. If you have trouble just look in the manual how to use it.

Overall this is my 1st helicopter drone and i must say its cute durable and easy to use I like it and when i get the SDHC card I will test it out some more

Check the link to the drone below

Sunday, November 20, 2016

LANGRIA U-Shaped Memory Foam Velour Travel Neck Pillow with Gel Review

I got this free to try and give my honest own opinions from Langria.  This is a travel pillow is made of memory foam and is very soft and breathable.  It supports your neck and to the curve of your neck. The white part of the pillow is the cooling gel so you can be cool on your neck. I been sleeping on it in bed on the gel and it does feel very cool. I like that it is soft and the velvet is very nice feeling.

The pillow is 0.84lbs and there is a snap closure which i didnt know what it was before and it says it was to snap onto your luggage handle which is pretty awesome.  I haven't been anywhere yet to try it out yet except for home. You can take it to travel, on trains, on flights anywhere

This is one of my first item from Langria and i have to say their products are worth it. I will definitely buy more from them!

The link to the product is below or you can go check them out on Facebook

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Back To Reviews

I havent been blogging or reviewing products because my laptop keys some of them didnt work so kind of hard to type and review products, but i bought a wireless keyboard so now i can type better so reviews of products will be coming soon. Also needed a break I have ton of products that I need to review on my blog .

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving next week if i dont post in the next few days !

Kawaii Box – Cuteness and Giveaway!!

I entered artsmum kawaii box giveaway has all sorts of japanese toys and snacks and stationary, If you have not ever got one yet from a subscription than win one before you see if you want to subscribe. I havent ever subscribed yet so i want to win one so go enter her giveaway!

The link is above