Sunday, November 20, 2016

LANGRIA U-Shaped Memory Foam Velour Travel Neck Pillow with Gel Review

I got this free to try and give my honest own opinions from Langria.  This is a travel pillow is made of memory foam and is very soft and breathable.  It supports your neck and to the curve of your neck. The white part of the pillow is the cooling gel so you can be cool on your neck. I been sleeping on it in bed on the gel and it does feel very cool. I like that it is soft and the velvet is very nice feeling.

The pillow is 0.84lbs and there is a snap closure which i didnt know what it was before and it says it was to snap onto your luggage handle which is pretty awesome.  I haven't been anywhere yet to try it out yet except for home. You can take it to travel, on trains, on flights anywhere

This is one of my first item from Langria and i have to say their products are worth it. I will definitely buy more from them!

The link to the product is below or you can go check them out on Facebook

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