Friday, April 14, 2017

Kingsdun Luggage Tags Holder Travel Baggage Labels with Elastic Loops Review

I got this Kingsdun Luggage tag holders with review on a discount on so I need luggage tags and the price was great so I decide to click on this one and get it. These opinions are of my own honest opinions

These luggage tags are waterproof, bendable and the loops are elastic though i rather want it to be silicone these work well too.  They are easy to pull the labels out to write your names and address and easy to put back in.

They come in four colors yellow, orange, and two blue colors light and dark. My favorite colors are shades of blue so I will be using those.

They work well on my luggage and they are very durable and the texture is not bad either. Very easy to loop it over onto my luggage and very easy to take the tag back out of the luggage. It says very soft to prevent breaking I will have to see when I do travel in next year.

If you want to check them out the link is below and if you want to use wwbuying website to check for low prices the link is also below

my invitation code for wwbuying is jendaisuki the code is only good to april 30th