Thursday, January 29, 2015

Makeup Revolution giveaway I entered Christine Iverson Makeup giveaway you should too. GIVEAWAY: WIN THE ENTIRE MAKEUP REVOLUTION I ♥ MAKEUP BLUSHING HEARTS COLLECTION

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


So i applied for this Barilla Collezione pasta on Bzzagent for free these are my own opinons and i dont receive anything back for giving my own opinons. I received the pasta, the peppercorn and the blue item as you can see it was kinda hard for me to twist so it only got a few of them in. And my pesto

So Its made from Sicily and Casarecce shape of this is perfect and the texture is nice i never liked this type of pasta before the long type but it was great to me. Although i didnt use any sauce in it but the pesto and mixed it with tuna it was great. I will definitely buy this some more when i have the chance althought it said that it will cook to al dente at 9 minutes it took me 12 minutes because last time i made rotini or elbow it was not soft enough since it took me 9 minutes but at 12 minutes it was a really nice time.

My brother said it was a really weird texture and it was too long but he loved it and it was soft though he ate it with regular sauce with meatballs i made two ways to eat it and he love pasta sauce meatballs and so i made one for him and one for me which is tuna and pesto.

Making it 

Feeling if the pasta is soft enough yet

a nice look at my tuna and pesto pasta

different angel and closer look

Monday, January 26, 2015

ChocoPink: Kawaii Box Giveaway - International Giveaway

ChocoPink: Kawaii Box Giveaway - International Giveaway: Olá! :)  Hoje tenho uma surpresa para vocês! No  post anterior  mostrei-vos a  Kawaii Box  e agora tenho um passatempo para vocês! Podem h...

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Food i bought and stuff 1

I went to the international market and got these Pocari sweat i have never seen it in the states before and i bought packets off amazon when i saw it the month before. But this time when i went to the store i saw it so had to buy it! I bought and drank these before in hong kong its lovely you can only drink this during summer as it refreshes and replinish you its why its called sweat lol. Bought some prawn shrimp snacks and i bought miso ramen pack 

I went to TJ max and bought this and i have to say i need to try a different flavor i love Rosemary essential oil and rosamary leaves but this didnt mesh well for me.

From the seeds of change i made the picture below i added chinese brocolli and ham and eat it like that it was delishcious and healthy which made me in turn go buy more the next day.

Freebies samples and Wins 1/12 to 1/24

I didnt post last weekend for my freebies because i didnt have a lot so posting it on this weeks so i received from smiley360 Seeds of Change coupons a tote bag etc. and than from Crowdtap Neutrgena makeup the review for the makeup was already posted a few posts below.

Using my coupons i recieved from Kings Hawaiian for free Bread, rolls etc and use my coupon for Seeds of change and use free coupon for Edible arrangements for a free pineapple pop i went grocery shopping and those are what i got there will be a haul on that i think it is in my youtube channel already.

My Mycokerewards instant win Mcdonalds win arch card for 10 dollars.

the Pineapple pop

For This one i went on Amazon to write a review on a Maple Holistics product that i already had tried and received a free product in exchange and I chose the Hydrate I used it twice on my head and it feels so good 

Here is close up of the seeds of change item i got 

Free samples of Loreal

My win for the football kickoff  for Free Lays stax coupon

Coupons I received for writing emailing companies. I emailed Maruchan ramen and Nissin Ramen but Nissin didnt say they would send coupons but Marchan said they will and I emailed Johnsonville and received coupons because when Crowdtap was doing that mission i didnt get in so thought i would email and compliment them. I got Mr. Rogers Freedom Clip for keurig which i dont have and some coffee samples

If you just perduecrew and get people to click for you to get points and referrals you get top and at end of each month you will get a reward. Mine was a $ 15 free one perdue oven ready product. I had another coupon which was lower 

I bought this one off amazon with my survey money with giftcards. the spray

I bought this blouse which open slit back its sexy and thought i would buy it.

I won tetley tea for my post of selfie tea and so got free coupon and Niveia samples and bought two hanes tshirt off Amazon again free using my amazon giftcards.

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Happy New Year sheet mask giveaway!

I entered colorcrush's happy new year sheet mask giveaways its open worldwide so of course i would enter I love korean and japanese sheet masks!! So i hope i can win
Link is down below enter why dont you!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Neutrogena Noruishing Long Wear Eyeshadow and build in primer Review

I received this product free from crowdtap as i am a member of to try and review. I am not paid for this to review this is my own opinion and thoughts.

I tried this eyeshadow thinking it might work and show through a lot like. But when i tried to put it on it didnt show much color i mean these are the shades i like but it doesnt really work or mesh well with me. This is my first time using Neutrogena products so I heard they were really good but it bummed me out. Though it doesnt deter me from using other of their products

This is a picture of right eye with it on and the left side with none on I have to say it doesnt really show that much

This side <==== is the one with color ----> no eyeshadow.

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Freebies reviews and samples 1/5-1/10/2015

This week was a slow week I only got mail two days one was Monday than Saturday so I was not sure if i should update my blog, but i decided to.

Monday I received from Crowdtap My Brookside Chocolate This is a new product i have to say it is very delicious I tried some and my mother tried some and she didnt want to stop eating. Its been more than a few days and we still have it on our kitchen table nobody has eaten anymore. I will definitely buy some when i head to walmart or target this week to get some more. It was a free sample to review I am not getting paid at all to review things. If you would like to join Crowdtap please go join you can apply for all sorts of missions and get to sample products for free!!

On Saturday I received from Smily360 Arm and Hammer toothpaste, mouth wash and toothbrush. I also received Mamma Chia Coupons

That was my Freebies and samples of the week!!

Monday, January 5, 2015

Brookside Dark Chocolate Crunchy Cluster Berry Medley Favors

I received #DiscoverBrookside and #sponsored from Crowdtap 

Brookside Dark Chocolate Crunchy Cluster Berry Medley flavors for free to sample and review.. I got it and tried it and its so very crunchy indeed its bit bitter but oh so delicious.  I couldn't stop putting it down I just want to keep on eating more and more. I let my mother try and she tried it and she loved it!! She said they are really good!! I will share more with my family when the other family members come home. But i will definitely buy more when i get the chance.  Here are the pictures 

here my mother is snacking on some when she was eating her lunch she loved it!!

Here is where in my room where i snack and combined it with the drink when i am in my room

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Food I ate during christmas break and Whatnot 12/25/2014 to 1/2/2015

My christmas and what i ate during christmas break

Alot of chinese food at my grandmas for christmas night alot of chinese food that i didnt eat that night

close up

A cake my mom made japanese cheese cake that was made for my mother's family in the afternoon

The afternoon of christmas at my mom's side we ate hotpot so delicious that is why i didnt eat any chinese food at night at grandmas

Thai hot pot

appetizers with pate, viet food a bit

Close up of regular hot pot

Went to senor fox mexican restaurant this week with my mom and brother this picture above is what i ate steak and chicken mix fajitas

My mom entree is steak fajitas

On Thursday i order chinese food and japanese food at the same restaurant. All these sushi i ate when they delivered i was sooo full that i couldnt eat anything at all that night i was so full i thought i was going to pass out 

Freebies,items i bought and Wins 12/16//2014 to 1/2/2015

I missed a week or two so these are my freebies and wins and things i bought for two weeks I hope you readers had a great christmas and a great New years for the past two weeks.

My christmas gifts were some bath and body works from my brother to me and some more from my cousin but i am not sure if it is from bath and bodyworks for her. Two wawa giftcards because my brother didnt want his and i still have yet to use last years wawa giftcards from christmas before. Also a bunch of christmas cards of money.

i won the BH cosmetics swag dark rose and got some Salcura massage cream from Massage magazine when they were giving away samples and a pasta sample.

These I didnt buy but from my mom's coworker's husband when he went to japan for his work for two weeks and my mom asked him to get these for her with our money. These are Kit Kat green tea these are great i had them when i was in Japan.

This skull tshirt i got off amazon with my survey money amazon giftcards i go the Worldtrucker tshirt as they were no longer going to be in business they were giving it away so i got it. Hemp Hearts from swaggable that i have to try. Some King Hawaiians coupons for free bread that i emailed them to compliment and they said they were going to send some.

My toyota whatever it is that i signed up for for my car. Some Turkeyhill coupons that i asked for a 2nd time to get and they were more than happy to send a 2nd time and said i can ask for more when i run out. Pocari Sweat Ion supply drink. I drunk this when i was in japan during the summer. Its really best to drunk it during summer. I love it which is why i bought it off amazon with my giftcards but i drank from the bottle i dont know how different it would be from a bag.

My calenders from Betty Crocker and Pillsbury..i got 2 calenders from Pillsbury i forgot to take a picture of it.

I won this one off Listia for 5,000 points free shipping. Pacifica eyeshadow it is really pretty color on my eyes.

I won this from Rice Select rice. I got my maxboost case my 3rd one I would say i am not going to get anymore but i am not sure yet lol. Than the sony headphones i got off of amazon with my giftcard during the week of christmas break

My green tea cookies that i also got of amazon with giftcards i miss eating these from japan when i was in japan eating these.
So those are my freebies, wins, samples and things i bought none out of pocket.