Sunday, January 25, 2015

Food i bought and stuff 1

I went to the international market and got these Pocari sweat i have never seen it in the states before and i bought packets off amazon when i saw it the month before. But this time when i went to the store i saw it so had to buy it! I bought and drank these before in hong kong its lovely you can only drink this during summer as it refreshes and replinish you its why its called sweat lol. Bought some prawn shrimp snacks and i bought miso ramen pack 

I went to TJ max and bought this and i have to say i need to try a different flavor i love Rosemary essential oil and rosamary leaves but this didnt mesh well for me.

From the seeds of change i made the picture below i added chinese brocolli and ham and eat it like that it was delishcious and healthy which made me in turn go buy more the next day.

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