Saturday, January 3, 2015

Freebies,items i bought and Wins 12/16//2014 to 1/2/2015

I missed a week or two so these are my freebies and wins and things i bought for two weeks I hope you readers had a great christmas and a great New years for the past two weeks.

My christmas gifts were some bath and body works from my brother to me and some more from my cousin but i am not sure if it is from bath and bodyworks for her. Two wawa giftcards because my brother didnt want his and i still have yet to use last years wawa giftcards from christmas before. Also a bunch of christmas cards of money.

i won the BH cosmetics swag dark rose and got some Salcura massage cream from Massage magazine when they were giving away samples and a pasta sample.

These I didnt buy but from my mom's coworker's husband when he went to japan for his work for two weeks and my mom asked him to get these for her with our money. These are Kit Kat green tea these are great i had them when i was in Japan.

This skull tshirt i got off amazon with my survey money amazon giftcards i go the Worldtrucker tshirt as they were no longer going to be in business they were giving it away so i got it. Hemp Hearts from swaggable that i have to try. Some King Hawaiians coupons for free bread that i emailed them to compliment and they said they were going to send some.

My toyota whatever it is that i signed up for for my car. Some Turkeyhill coupons that i asked for a 2nd time to get and they were more than happy to send a 2nd time and said i can ask for more when i run out. Pocari Sweat Ion supply drink. I drunk this when i was in japan during the summer. Its really best to drunk it during summer. I love it which is why i bought it off amazon with my giftcards but i drank from the bottle i dont know how different it would be from a bag.

My calenders from Betty Crocker and Pillsbury..i got 2 calenders from Pillsbury i forgot to take a picture of it.

I won this one off Listia for 5,000 points free shipping. Pacifica eyeshadow it is really pretty color on my eyes.

I won this from Rice Select rice. I got my maxboost case my 3rd one I would say i am not going to get anymore but i am not sure yet lol. Than the sony headphones i got off of amazon with my giftcard during the week of christmas break

My green tea cookies that i also got of amazon with giftcards i miss eating these from japan when i was in japan eating these.
So those are my freebies, wins, samples and things i bought none out of pocket.

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