Wednesday, January 28, 2015


So i applied for this Barilla Collezione pasta on Bzzagent for free these are my own opinons and i dont receive anything back for giving my own opinons. I received the pasta, the peppercorn and the blue item as you can see it was kinda hard for me to twist so it only got a few of them in. And my pesto

So Its made from Sicily and Casarecce shape of this is perfect and the texture is nice i never liked this type of pasta before the long type but it was great to me. Although i didnt use any sauce in it but the pesto and mixed it with tuna it was great. I will definitely buy this some more when i have the chance althought it said that it will cook to al dente at 9 minutes it took me 12 minutes because last time i made rotini or elbow it was not soft enough since it took me 9 minutes but at 12 minutes it was a really nice time.

My brother said it was a really weird texture and it was too long but he loved it and it was soft though he ate it with regular sauce with meatballs i made two ways to eat it and he love pasta sauce meatballs and so i made one for him and one for me which is tuna and pesto.

Making it 

Feeling if the pasta is soft enough yet

a nice look at my tuna and pesto pasta

different angel and closer look

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