Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Seventh Generation + Maya Rudolph | Vajingle


Maya Rudolph tells it like it is in the best awesome way ever. Worth Watching! #generationgood #comeclean go join seventh generation and get products to try for #free and fill out your profile that fits and answer some short survey questions.

the link is below


Thursday, June 16, 2016

japan-candy-box giveaway from Beejuboxes


Beejuboxes is doing another giveaway this time for Japan Candy Box one that i never tried yet but i would love to win it as I usually do like to enter these giveaways hosted by beejuboxes.

This is what it looks like the box and this giveaway seems more pretty and exciting. Go to the link above and enter to win one if you want to try japanese snacks and candy that you can not get in the states or wherever you are.

Push Pin Travel Website


Push Pin Travel Maps is a very nice website where you can find country maps, US maps, state maps and etc. There are map pins where you can stick a pin on the map, There are travel diy maps where you can do whatever with it. Its a very helpful website to look at if you dont know your states or counties location is at. I think its cool and i would like to have my very own travel map world map. Though you need to buy them the prices are not that steep, but its worth it I think

I entered there giveaway for the delta $200 giftcard so go check their website out to see if you like their stuff.


Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Seventh Generation Laundry Detergent Review

I had a coupon from Seventh Generation Community from my mission so my product was free and these are of my own opinion. I bought Seventh Generation Ultra Power Plus free and clear this product was a new one so I thought why not its Plant Based or Plant Tech whichever. It clears out stains and everything the link below is the my picture of the product i bought.


Its a natural product and since its free and clear there is no fragrance so i love that i dont want too strong of a scent or one that doesnt work quite well.

If you join seventh generation community its a community like smiley360 to get products to review and give honest opinons. The link is also below


It works quite well for my clothes though none of my clothes have stains or anything but its clear and smells fresh.