Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Krogers Hemisfares spiral Pasta Review

I got picked for this mission on www.bzzagent.com and yesterday was last day to do it so I procrastinated since i got it, but only did one and than i did the rest yesterday. 

These pasta are from Kroger and it spirals comes from Italy. The picture below is how it looks like

I took it out of the package and handled half and put in the pot and than the rest of them in there.

It was boiling here and it was getting soft after 10 minutes i waited 12 minutes to have it softer but 

After i made it put the pasta sauce i made and poured some on there and than i took some chicken tuna and put some on there making it a healthy pasta dish. I took a bite out of it and it was soft and tender and bouncy. The texture i think my brother said it was weird to him, It was good to me the texture is not weird to me and it didnt give me problems boiling it.

I received in this mission some receipes and coupons for these so i can get them at kroger. These are of my own opinons and i got this free.

Vitafusion Women's Gummies Review

So I am in Vitafusion review group that they are having and so I can get products to review and this was what i picked to review. The Vitafusion women's adult vitamins they also have some for little kids but since i am not a kid or have any i picked women's

I love gummies and i need vitamins. This supports and give you energy, metabolism and bone support.

I don't drink milk so taking these are perfect and it does give me energy during the day I no longer feel sleepy around 2pm.

This has natural berry favors if you want to sign up on their review group i would link it when i find it and edited it back in here.

I got this free to review in exchange of my honest opinons. This is not an amazon review thing that i need to put on amazon it was on their website that you have to leave a review one.

Garcina Cambogia Review

I got this product from Snagshout to review the product is on amazon. I got this free to review for exchange of a honest review so these are my own opinions.

I needed to lose weight or curb my appetite and since the Garcina Cambogia one i got a few posts ago was pills i couldn't swallow those as it was pretty big pills this is liquid and it was right for me. I tried it for a week and it did curb my appetite but me losing the weight i am not sure because i havent weighed my self.

This liquid also has green coffee bean extract in it as in the Dr. Oz that highly reccommended it. But as you can see its liquid and i cant even take the green coffee bean pills though i am not sure how big the pills are in the green coffee bean one.

So 1st day i tried it i put 20 drops on my tongue that is how much you are supposed to put and the taste is not gross its pretty good. You should take it before you decide to eat and see if it will curb your appetite. I still have to try a few more weeks and see how it is going but so far it only curbs my appetite. If you cant take weight lost pills take the liquid ones but also do your exerecise along with it. 

go find snagshout and register so you can review anything from amazon there is no referral link so i dont have a link

Oz Naturals Ocean Mineral Tonic Review

I got this Ocean Mineral Tonic for free from Oz Naturals to review in exchange of my honest opinions. This is my 2nd product them to review I chose this one because i like need some more facial sprays. This works pretty well and i like it.

Sprays Tonic to your face neck after cleansing and exfoliating skin. It is used as a primer but since i do not have a serum yet. This is good over makeup through out the day also. It is great for all day use.

Oz Naturals is all natural 100% so its a great plus for me

It works and adds Amino Acids, vitamin c and aid skin's sun damage, fine lines and uneven skin tone. Its fresh and clean. It has no strong smell so which is also a great plus.
If you like to review their products go to Oz Naturals website or their facebook page and sign up to review their products

I shaked it and sprayed it on my face without and with makeup it freshens me up and there is no stickiness on my face thereafter. I put it my purse when i am on the go.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Enjoy Life Foods Plentils Taste Review.

So on Facebook Sampler page there is each year a week of weekness event so certain brands will join and give out samples to the 1st 400 or 1000 or however many they decide. I got lucky and got this from Enjoy Life Foods Plentils So I had it for about a week or so did my video on it Now i am doing the review on these chips.

Enjoy life foods is more like gluten free, dairy free and free of 8 common allergies there is no artificial anything in it. It is also non GMO

The First one Margerita Pizza One in the red bag it's good but too much cheese flavored didnt like it a lot.
The second one i ate was the dill and sour cream i love it, it tastes good 

The 3rd one i ate is the light sea salt, i love it its so delicous there are some people that did not like it and said it taste gross to them due to its being light sea salt but to me its right to me.

The last one i just finished eating today is the garlic and Parmaesan its also really good no problem with that. This was more garlic than cheese after taste.
I have a free coupon for this one to get more 

Pretty much i have a lot more week of wellness samples left to get. That is my review of my chips I tasted

Hawaii Snack Box Giveaway/Launch Referral.

I just need people who follow my blog my subscribers to please enter your email into this they are just launching in 2 days and i need some referrals I just need sign up and emails nothing else.

Hawaii Snack Box

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Entering Kimberlely's Beauty Blog Smashbox Lipstick Giveaway

I entered into Kimberley's beauty blog Smashbox lipstick giveaway you should to if you want to win some. The information is inside the link to enter and what i copied for the lipstick is down below the pictures

Smashbox giveaway colors are Azalea, Legendary, Pout, Gilt, and Jewel. Last two is limited edition !! These are the five lipcolors go enter through the link !!!

Saturday, April 4, 2015

FREEBIES, samples and wins 3/23 to 4/4/2015

Freedom Japanese Subscription Box

Though I have not reviewed their box or subscribed yet they are new and unlike many other japanese boxes they are trying to get it out there if you love Hello Kitty, but you can get hello kitty anywhere you go but you can not get Rilakkuma they will have that in their boxes so either you can enter to win a box or you can get a subscription.

as its freedom you can use paypal or any credit card to pay. Its up to you.
Please if you like join my link to help me win or help you win a box!!

Freedom Japanese Box giveaway

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Influenster Carefree Voxbox Review

So I got this Product Carefree Pantyliners free from Influenster to test so these will be my honest opinions. When it came to my mailbox I saw the pink box it was cute i like the packaging. I opened it up I saw that it had a small package and one coupon with instructions. I thought that was good. I open the package and these Carefree pantyliners is regular? It is regular acti fresh whatever that means. It goes with your body shap in your panty I guess. It says unscented good. Its thin good for people who have light periods. That is good I can't say i do like it or love it. I think it was ok but its not for me I like long pads big pads over night pads i know there are some from carefree. But these are free to try. It absorbs 2x more and feels soft. It does, but I dont think i like it too thin.

The coupon and instructions pink everything

The Pads

I wasn't think i would get my monthly as i havent had it in 5 months and since I got picked for this I was like time to start taking my bc pills so regulate it But the next day after i said that. I suddenly got my monthly good timing. It came i did my video and than I put it in my panty for the whole day it was fine before i took a shower though there was some gooey stuff that came out that was like jelly like it is not the monthly but it was white jelly. IT RIPPED and out came out all those jelly stuff. This is a disappointment to me. I have never tried Carefree but will i ever if it didn't have jelly stuff in it I would no wonder why it said it have an 8 hour odor system. Not very happy about it.

I tore one apart for the 2nd one it doesnt have jelly but the longer you wear it out it comes.

Harris Teeter Haul 4/2/2015