Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Garcina Cambogia Review

I got this product from Snagshout to review the product is on amazon. I got this free to review for exchange of a honest review so these are my own opinions.

I needed to lose weight or curb my appetite and since the Garcina Cambogia one i got a few posts ago was pills i couldn't swallow those as it was pretty big pills this is liquid and it was right for me. I tried it for a week and it did curb my appetite but me losing the weight i am not sure because i havent weighed my self.

This liquid also has green coffee bean extract in it as in the Dr. Oz that highly reccommended it. But as you can see its liquid and i cant even take the green coffee bean pills though i am not sure how big the pills are in the green coffee bean one.

So 1st day i tried it i put 20 drops on my tongue that is how much you are supposed to put and the taste is not gross its pretty good. You should take it before you decide to eat and see if it will curb your appetite. I still have to try a few more weeks and see how it is going but so far it only curbs my appetite. If you cant take weight lost pills take the liquid ones but also do your exerecise along with it. 

go find snagshout and register so you can review anything from amazon there is no referral link so i dont have a link


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