Thursday, April 2, 2015

Influenster Carefree Voxbox Review

So I got this Product Carefree Pantyliners free from Influenster to test so these will be my honest opinions. When it came to my mailbox I saw the pink box it was cute i like the packaging. I opened it up I saw that it had a small package and one coupon with instructions. I thought that was good. I open the package and these Carefree pantyliners is regular? It is regular acti fresh whatever that means. It goes with your body shap in your panty I guess. It says unscented good. Its thin good for people who have light periods. That is good I can't say i do like it or love it. I think it was ok but its not for me I like long pads big pads over night pads i know there are some from carefree. But these are free to try. It absorbs 2x more and feels soft. It does, but I dont think i like it too thin.

The coupon and instructions pink everything

The Pads

I wasn't think i would get my monthly as i havent had it in 5 months and since I got picked for this I was like time to start taking my bc pills so regulate it But the next day after i said that. I suddenly got my monthly good timing. It came i did my video and than I put it in my panty for the whole day it was fine before i took a shower though there was some gooey stuff that came out that was like jelly like it is not the monthly but it was white jelly. IT RIPPED and out came out all those jelly stuff. This is a disappointment to me. I have never tried Carefree but will i ever if it didn't have jelly stuff in it I would no wonder why it said it have an 8 hour odor system. Not very happy about it.

I tore one apart for the 2nd one it doesnt have jelly but the longer you wear it out it comes.

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