Sunday, April 12, 2015

Enjoy Life Foods Plentils Taste Review.

So on Facebook Sampler page there is each year a week of weekness event so certain brands will join and give out samples to the 1st 400 or 1000 or however many they decide. I got lucky and got this from Enjoy Life Foods Plentils So I had it for about a week or so did my video on it Now i am doing the review on these chips.

Enjoy life foods is more like gluten free, dairy free and free of 8 common allergies there is no artificial anything in it. It is also non GMO

The First one Margerita Pizza One in the red bag it's good but too much cheese flavored didnt like it a lot.
The second one i ate was the dill and sour cream i love it, it tastes good 

The 3rd one i ate is the light sea salt, i love it its so delicous there are some people that did not like it and said it taste gross to them due to its being light sea salt but to me its right to me.

The last one i just finished eating today is the garlic and Parmaesan its also really good no problem with that. This was more garlic than cheese after taste.
I have a free coupon for this one to get more 

Pretty much i have a lot more week of wellness samples left to get. That is my review of my chips I tasted


  1. Which flavor did you like best? I think i should try some!

  2. i think you should try dil nobody liked the seasalt that i know of but i like it i didnt like the red one which was the margerherita pizza