Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Krogers Hemisfares spiral Pasta Review

I got picked for this mission on www.bzzagent.com and yesterday was last day to do it so I procrastinated since i got it, but only did one and than i did the rest yesterday. 

These pasta are from Kroger and it spirals comes from Italy. The picture below is how it looks like

I took it out of the package and handled half and put in the pot and than the rest of them in there.

It was boiling here and it was getting soft after 10 minutes i waited 12 minutes to have it softer but 

After i made it put the pasta sauce i made and poured some on there and than i took some chicken tuna and put some on there making it a healthy pasta dish. I took a bite out of it and it was soft and tender and bouncy. The texture i think my brother said it was weird to him, It was good to me the texture is not weird to me and it didnt give me problems boiling it.

I received in this mission some receipes and coupons for these so i can get them at kroger. These are of my own opinons and i got this free.

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