Monday, October 27, 2014

Instagc website

So i just want to let my people know that there is this website i go on Instagc when you register and than you do your profile you get points, when you use my referral link you get points, When you do surveys and use their search button you get points than you instantly get instant money. If you redeem for a check or redeem for amazon, etc anything you want on there or you can buy something on there with your points. I already redeemed twice on there for two amazon giftcards so I would say it is working  Click on my referral link below and join and have fun!! You can also listen to music and get points. The more surveys you do the more points you get to get points and the more you can redeem giftcards or turn them into checks to cash out!!  Please go explore!!

Freebies and Samples haul 10/20-10/25/2014

So this week my freebies and samples were quite good I have to say

On Monday my samples were Bragg Seasonings and Garnier Sample. i cant fix this picture

I went to do errands on Tuesday and I went to CVS and got this Brand of Pistachios I really like it and its something I dont have to break apart to get the nuts out and this Brand Line from CVS is pretty good so I would buy Gold Emblem again.

On Thursday was a good Mail day of Freebies and Samples and A review. I got Berocca Sample, Nivea lotion samples and some True Citrus sugar and mix drink packages samples. I already tried two so it was very good. Than a company asked me to review underwear panty whichever you want to call it. Gave me two weeks to try it and feel it and gave me instructions on the paper like a diary tracking system. After two weeks will email me back and asked me those questions and than send me $8 bucks. Simple as that. But i really thought it would a be nice one but its Hanes plain ole underwear. 

Than Friday i got my Crowdtap Campbells Sampling Kit Full of Campbells and a Poised pad sample with coupons. Campbells I will eat on Monday and i will review and take video or pictures of what i made. My mom really likes the wooden spoon and the wooden cutting board even if we have like two already lol.

Than Saturday I got more eb5 skincare samples with a coupon my first samples that came a few weeks or a week ago didnt have any coupons or I didn't notice. Those Select Blind samples where you clip onto the blinds where kids will not mess with it locking it. I think I do not know what to do with those because I have no children and well I just do not know if anyone knows what I should do with them please let me know.
So that is all my Freebies and samples this week I would say its a great one

Saturday, October 25, 2014

Modes4u giveaway

I entered this Modes4u giveaway on facebook

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Tuesday target, kroger, cvs and Dollar Tree products i bought

On Tuesday I went out on errands went to Kroger to get a deal of 4 psshh sugars bags for 99 cents it was a good deal. My mom wanted it so i went to get it for her and i got a deal of 2 for $5 dollar doritos cool ranch when I walked right into before the main store it was on display and I was lucky my Kroger card had a lot of deals. I saved quite a lot. Than i went to Dollar Tree next to it but there was no food brands I wanted this time there was no Brims cheesy balls, there was no Milani lipgloss there were Milani eyeliner but it was not what i wanted. So i got organization box, coasters and something else i dont remember. Than i left to go to CVS I wanted some NYC makeup but i didnt get any either. I got two things there and it was the Gold Emblem brand only at CVS the Natural Pistachios without the outter shell. I just ate it and it is dang good. I got a drink too. I will continue to buy Gold Emblem brand at CVS it was also saving me a bit on my CVS card. Than i went to Target to pick up my mother's medicine and I got her one of the $1 spray bottles that i have two of and she wanted one to put water in it when she cut hair. I didnt know what color she wanted. I got her the green color even though i have that color at home. Its her favorite color and when she got home to see it she said wasnt there pink? There was I just thought she didn't like the pink color too much. She said it looks good when cutting hair oh well. Than I checked for Lipton Black tea the regular lipton box of 100 was in place of the Black Tea so i asked the stocker there why everytime i go there that no black tea. She said its strange its black tea but it is in the wrong place and she said wait till Thursday to come back. Um i might and might not she went on her scanner whatever it is to check and backroom had it so she went to check and it was in the regular tea box without the name black tea. She came back out and told me and i was like I am not going to buy the regular tea box without the Black tea name on it if i am not sure. So i got three drinks and chips and left. Use a coupon for Burger king. Came home and got my mail samples in the mail which all in all is a good day.!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

5 Hour Energy misson

So I received my smiley 360 mission 5 hour Energy drink free product from Smiley360 to review. I got two bottle of samples. I really like the bottle color pink and white and the representation of Raising Awareness of Breast Cancer. I tried a sip and it was not too sour for a lemonade. It was really good It made me want to drink more than a bottle a day. If i was to have it for a year I would so love it! It would really give me the energy I would have. This is my picture and I liked to raise my white pink ribbon 5-hour energy in honor of my best friend Sharon who's mother Sharon who is fighting cancer right now. She goes to smile even if she is fighing cancer. #5hourgoesPink

Monday, October 20, 2014

trying to win this !!~ From Gorogoroiu on tumbler for this month's kawaiibox!! i hope i do win this time!!

<div style="clear:both"><a href=""><img src="" title="Los Angeles wedding photographers" alt="Los Angeles wedding photographers" border="0" /></a></div><div>Image courtesy of: SnapKnot - <a href="">Los Angeles wedding photographers</a></div>

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Glam goddess giveaway i won video

Freebies and Samples and Wins 10/13/-10/18/2014

This week was a pretty slow week of freebies and samples i got . I entered into the giveaway from The Glamorous Goddess on facebook and I won the last giveaway she was doing and this is all the essential oils and stuff i won!~ So i am glad that i won this because i was needing more for my massage collection supply and using one of the essential oils pepperment i was sick so just in time it help me breath more and the lavender i sprayed onto my pillow so i slept like a baby when i was sick.

So i used a Referral for the website PureFormulas with $10 credit and than there was a referral credit and than they the website sent you another 15% i think and I order the Marjoram essential oil and got free samples of Gummies from that order It cost me 0 total. FREE SHIPPING. There are others who payed a little out of their credit card because they ordered more stuff I used my $10.00 and i still have 2.75 left in the account. Than i got the Shiseido Sample 
Saturday I got in the mail the Meta Health Bar sample i got from Walmart and Mom's made Food coupon and than this New website that just started out Fly Up Beauty USA were doing free samples so i signed up for free samples and in that they sent it and let you know by Paypal. At first i was like did i give them my paypal email address because i thought it was money at first lol, but it wouldn't really be sending it through the mail.

Trying to upload some short videos i recorded from this week but i am impatient so i think i will upload it onto youtube 

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Samples From Crowdtap 1

my 2nd video on youtube
I got these new Advil samples with coupons From Crowdtap and I tried it after i got it i wasnt meant to have a cold but it suddenly happened the night before I tried one out and my throat didnt hurt but my mom said Advil is not for throat but just for colds. oh well it works it didnt hurt me and i liked it I gave one to my mom and another to my friend the rest i kept. I will buy them when i have the chance.

Samples from Pinchme #1

Here is my first video of what i got from Pinchme

Freebies and Samples , wins 10/6- 10/11/14

So my freebies and samples for the week Monday, got nothing, Tuesday got something, Wed nothing, Thursday something, friday nothing, Saturday a whole lot!! It makes up a slow weekdays.

Tuesday my win from japan beauty products is what i was most excited about

Shisedo products, some 5 moisturizer, makeup remover and fancl products and the I love Cosme Tote.

Tuesday from smiley360 the 5 hour white ribbon energy drink, Garnier, Turkey Hills Coupons i emailed them and they got sent. Marley Lily monogram, and a personalize card i made for my bf sent to myself
Thursday freebies are she said she would 10 promise cards and Tea MD Sample
my Braclet that i designed 
Saturdays my 2 pinchme boxes the eco sponge and the coffee, the crowdtap advil samples, the overnight prints, my 2nd set of samples for they so gracefully said since my 1st one was a no go from my a parents they would send another one if i wanted so i got the 10 solar blinds.


the overnight prints sooo gorgeous!

❋ Dream Makeup ❋: Sigma Beauty Essential Brush Kit Giveaway!!! *Open...

❋ Dream Makeup ❋: Sigma Beauty Essential Brush Kit Giveaway!!! *Open...: The Prize: 1 of Sigma Beauty's Essential Brush Kit or Sigmax 10 Brushes Kit (Winner’s choice)

I joined this giveaway

Product i dont like. Shopping at dollar tree, rite aid, target for week of 10/6-10/12/14

One of the product that i have won from a youtuber E.L.F cream eyeliner it was in my posts in the pictures  I haven't tried it, its a win but i will have to go see at stores or online or from other youtubers if this falls out of the container.

Beauty products I bought this week is not too much it was bought from Rite Aid and brand is Chapstick i used a coupon for it it was the mixstix  Lemon Berry Sorbet. i usually dont buy chapstick, I usually dont buy chapstick but since i had a coupon i did it works well

I went to dollar tree and bought Brims brand of food I seen youtubers buy the Brims Popcorn or cheesy balls so i just got the cheesy balls since i bought popcorn elsewhere. I have to say each time i go to this one dollar tree the box i wanted it is always on top shelf and i really cant reach it so i got one on the most lower shelf which has 2 for 1 dollar. I use my 1.00 off from Turkey Hill they sent me coupons after i emailed them complimenting their drinks and products and they sent me a about 7 coupons so i used it at dollar tree making it free!! I also got the File envelope that people were hauling at Dolllar Tree.

Target i went to use coupons too and bought a lot of organic food no makeup this time though i was tempted to get more E.L.F  The only place i forgot to go was CVS and Walgreens i had coupons and my card had things in that was going to expire today 10/11/14 but because i didnt have time after i went to the Health department i didnt end up going i went to the new regrand opening of Farm Fresh i feel as though they remodel every two years lol.

I would go out next week but because My printer is itching on my nerves because the ink wont fit as usual i have to try it a few times to make it fit even though i have coupons in my wallet I still need more

My mail samples and freebies will be in another post.

Monday, October 6, 2014

I finally got the smiley 360 mission 5 hour Energy i have heard mixed reviews on it so i thought i would try it and blog as i am supposed i thought it was not going to be good, but it was i would buy it when i go to 7-11 or somewhere else that sells its. So that is what I tasted and liked about it pink lemonade tastes just like pink lemonada , no sugar but sweet.  #5hourGoesPink

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Freebies and Samples 9/29/2014 -10/4/2014

Freebies and Samples 9/29/2014 -10/4/2014

So Monday i had no mail for me, Tuesday I think i had my Maxboost Panda iphone 5s 5 case which i will be mailing to a friend in Denmark and than on Wed i got nail stickers sample from Dana at Jamberry , Thursday i had nothing and Friday was the 2nd picture and Saturday would be the blinds and etc in the 2nd to the last picture so far i am happy i won a giveaway from japan so i will get that next week and i am still waiting on my pinchme box from 9/3 and some more samples will be coming in next week
another sample fromVicki from Jamberry
My tea sample from The Republic Of Tea,  Maple Holistics sage anti dandruff sample

Lavender lotion sample from JR Walkins which is busted on the bottom so lotion was everywhere, Blinds sample from and the vitamines from Amazon