Monday, October 27, 2014

Freebies and Samples haul 10/20-10/25/2014

So this week my freebies and samples were quite good I have to say

On Monday my samples were Bragg Seasonings and Garnier Sample. i cant fix this picture

I went to do errands on Tuesday and I went to CVS and got this Brand of Pistachios I really like it and its something I dont have to break apart to get the nuts out and this Brand Line from CVS is pretty good so I would buy Gold Emblem again.

On Thursday was a good Mail day of Freebies and Samples and A review. I got Berocca Sample, Nivea lotion samples and some True Citrus sugar and mix drink packages samples. I already tried two so it was very good. Than a company asked me to review underwear panty whichever you want to call it. Gave me two weeks to try it and feel it and gave me instructions on the paper like a diary tracking system. After two weeks will email me back and asked me those questions and than send me $8 bucks. Simple as that. But i really thought it would a be nice one but its Hanes plain ole underwear. 

Than Friday i got my Crowdtap Campbells Sampling Kit Full of Campbells and a Poised pad sample with coupons. Campbells I will eat on Monday and i will review and take video or pictures of what i made. My mom really likes the wooden spoon and the wooden cutting board even if we have like two already lol.

Than Saturday I got more eb5 skincare samples with a coupon my first samples that came a few weeks or a week ago didnt have any coupons or I didn't notice. Those Select Blind samples where you clip onto the blinds where kids will not mess with it locking it. I think I do not know what to do with those because I have no children and well I just do not know if anyone knows what I should do with them please let me know.
So that is all my Freebies and samples this week I would say its a great one

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