Sunday, October 19, 2014

Freebies and Samples and Wins 10/13/-10/18/2014

This week was a pretty slow week of freebies and samples i got . I entered into the giveaway from The Glamorous Goddess on facebook and I won the last giveaway she was doing and this is all the essential oils and stuff i won!~ So i am glad that i won this because i was needing more for my massage collection supply and using one of the essential oils pepperment i was sick so just in time it help me breath more and the lavender i sprayed onto my pillow so i slept like a baby when i was sick.

So i used a Referral for the website PureFormulas with $10 credit and than there was a referral credit and than they the website sent you another 15% i think and I order the Marjoram essential oil and got free samples of Gummies from that order It cost me 0 total. FREE SHIPPING. There are others who payed a little out of their credit card because they ordered more stuff I used my $10.00 and i still have 2.75 left in the account. Than i got the Shiseido Sample 
Saturday I got in the mail the Meta Health Bar sample i got from Walmart and Mom's made Food coupon and than this New website that just started out Fly Up Beauty USA were doing free samples so i signed up for free samples and in that they sent it and let you know by Paypal. At first i was like did i give them my paypal email address because i thought it was money at first lol, but it wouldn't really be sending it through the mail.

Trying to upload some short videos i recorded from this week but i am impatient so i think i will upload it onto youtube 

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