Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Tuesday target, kroger, cvs and Dollar Tree products i bought

On Tuesday I went out on errands went to Kroger to get a deal of 4 psshh sugars bags for 99 cents it was a good deal. My mom wanted it so i went to get it for her and i got a deal of 2 for $5 dollar doritos cool ranch when I walked right into before the main store it was on display and I was lucky my Kroger card had a lot of deals. I saved quite a lot. Than i went to Dollar Tree next to it but there was no food brands I wanted this time there was no Brims cheesy balls, there was no Milani lipgloss there were Milani eyeliner but it was not what i wanted. So i got organization box, coasters and something else i dont remember. Than i left to go to CVS I wanted some NYC makeup but i didnt get any either. I got two things there and it was the Gold Emblem brand only at CVS the Natural Pistachios without the outter shell. I just ate it and it is dang good. I got a drink too. I will continue to buy Gold Emblem brand at CVS it was also saving me a bit on my CVS card. Than i went to Target to pick up my mother's medicine and I got her one of the $1 spray bottles that i have two of and she wanted one to put water in it when she cut hair. I didnt know what color she wanted. I got her the green color even though i have that color at home. Its her favorite color and when she got home to see it she said wasnt there pink? There was I just thought she didn't like the pink color too much. She said it looks good when cutting hair oh well. Than I checked for Lipton Black tea the regular lipton box of 100 was in place of the Black Tea so i asked the stocker there why everytime i go there that no black tea. She said its strange its black tea but it is in the wrong place and she said wait till Thursday to come back. Um i might and might not she went on her scanner whatever it is to check and backroom had it so she went to check and it was in the regular tea box without the name black tea. She came back out and told me and i was like I am not going to buy the regular tea box without the Black tea name on it if i am not sure. So i got three drinks and chips and left. Use a coupon for Burger king. Came home and got my mail samples in the mail which all in all is a good day.!!

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