Sunday, November 30, 2014

Freebies, Samples, Wins and things I bought for free 11/24-/11/29/2104

This week for November 24th to the 29th are my freebies, samples, and wins.
On Monday i got my Crowdtap mission that I applied for and got approved for Free with no cost. I applied for this because it says Tube Free without the tube in the middle. It is good for the environment nothing to recycle after that.

This was on Wednesday that I got in the mail. Dial samples from Walmart i think yes. The rest is Organic Matcha, Kit Kat Sakura Green Tea and the cow package is Hokkaido japan milk soft candy. I would have to say out of all those I have tried before was the Soft candy when i was in Hokkaido this past July. I would have to say it was delicious. I got all candy and tea on Amazon with my amazon gift cards all free with free shipping.  Later i would give a review only on the organic Matcha after I have tried it.
A book that I won which is in another post below this one. I won it from Goodreads.

On Friday I received my Betty Crocker sample sugar cookies and the Zevia coupon.

On Saturday I got my pantene shampoo and conditioner samples and than I got the Target samples, something not in the picture is also earlier in the week I had another target sample sent to me it was the Biotrue contacts solution  It was going to be for my brother, but he said he did not want it since he doesn't want handouts. He rather just buy it. The rest of the target samples is advil pills the pad, caltrate candy there. and the Bic Soleil razor. I was pretty ecxited for that one out of the target samples. The pink bag I got/bought for free on amazon with free shipping i got it think it was going to be huge but it was not that huge but it is still ok for me to use

World Pride Nylon Handbag Insert Comestic Gadget Purse Organizer (Pink)

So that is all the stuff i got for this week!! I hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures and stuff.

A Map of Betrayal Giveaway Book Review or summary

I got this win from a giveaway on Goodreads that I entered, which I did not expect to win since I entered so many for a lot of books. I didn't get any emails or notice that I won it just showed up to my house from Fedex I think.   The summary of this was what made me decide to enter to get it 
If you want to get it after you read the summary than you can go buy it on it on amazon or at your local bookstore. I haven't started reading this yet, but I will soon I thought it was very interesting I mean i seen it in asian dramas before, but I never read it in a book.


A Map of Betrayal

From the award-winning author of Waiting: a spare, haunting tale of espionage and conflicted loyalties that spans half a century in the entwined histories of two countries—China and the United States—and two families as it explores the complicated terrain of love and honor.
When Lilian Shang, born and raised in America, discovers her father’s diary after the death of her parents, she is shocked by the secrets it contains. She knew that her father, Gary, convicted decades ago of being a mole in the CIA, was the most important Chinese spy ever caught. But his diary—an astonishing chronicle of his journey from 1949 Shanghai to Okinawa to Langley, Virginia—reveals the pain and longing that his double life entailed. The trail leads Lilian to China, to her father’s long-abandoned other family, whose existence she and her Irish American mother never suspected. As Lilian begins to fathom her father’s dilemma—torn between loyalty to his motherland and the love he came to feel for his adopted country—she sees how his sense of duty distorted his life. But as she starts to understand that Gary, too, had been betrayed, she finds that it is up to her to prevent his tragedy from damaging yet another generation of her family.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Scott Natural Tube Free Tissue Paper Product to Review

I applied for this product and got it. I received this product from Crowdtap free to review without cost whatsoever. I dont get nothing from this except a product free!! The Scott Naturals Tube Free tissue paper. I have used this and the roll is great because you dont need to have the tube in the middle of the tissue paper so you don't need to waste anything after you used the tissue paper. I shared this with my mother and she is using it in her room and she told me it was good. We decided that we will definitely buy this in the future. Gives for good environment without wasting tubes and helps everyone!! I am a part of Crowdtappers on Crowdtap. Please go decide for yourself you would like to go try them out. It may be a little dented in the middle, but it is ok.  Crowdtap go over there and join and get products free to review!

Friday, November 28, 2014

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Freebies samples and Items bought 11/17-/11/22/2014

This week's freebies and wins on Monday i recived Nature Box samples and Yogi tea samples nothing special about that lol, but the Nature box samples is from Australia if you are not familiar with them. I am excited for that.

 On Tuesday my Smiley360 samples to review for free came in and the Nescafe coffeemate came in that I applied for I received the Original flavor and some coupons I like it so much that will will get the other flavors. smiley 360. The salada green tea sample i haven't tried yet but I will. The 2nd thing i am excited about is the SK-II sample i got. It is the Facial Treatment Essance.  This is really good I will definitely buy this soon.

On Thursday i received the Pinchme Box sample of American Crew Power Cleanser style remover for your hair. I dont know how to use it so i will save it till I have time for it. I got my hello kitty Rinestones necklace from Amazon for free with free shipping for 2.68 with my amazon card. I love it!! It is a tad big large, but it is fine! pinchme

On Friday I received my Skinny Cow lunchbag that I redeemed from my points on there its cute. Than my halloween candy from came in when i got chosen. This was a great mail day! I also got my Tellwut $10 amazon giftcard that I redeemed.tellwut . Tellwut is another survey site to to get points to get giftcards and what not. It is one of the sites I love to use. skinny cow it is easy to get points to redeem prizes like I did they have a lot of cute stuff on there.

On Saturday i got the Always pads and I got the free sample from Nutrex. That is all of my freebies and samples and prizes I had for the week of November 17th to the 22nd.

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

entering for Modes4u giveaway!!

I entered Modes4u giveaway for the rilkkuma bento lunch set its sooo cute and i would love to win this one but i love the lunch bag more!! I love Rilkkuma a lot and i need some from them. It would be a great item to get if i entered and got it but if not its ok i can always enter Modes4u giveaway more. If you haven't you should go enter the link is above!!

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Freebies Samples and Wins 11/10-/11/15/2014

This week i had a bunch of wins Monday my Tatcha Sample cream i think or may have been a win i am not too sure. I redeemed on Purell Loyality Program my purell hand sanitizer you can join too and than my Oxytroi sample.

I cant fix this one but Disney maps i got and stickers i ask for.

Wednesday I got the Popsugar sample squad that i got which is the Puffs Soft pack and than from Skoals i got it from the tabacco company though it might not work right now i will come back and edit and put the link on where to find it

Sample Source samples i got the Gevalia and its coupon and the tums and coupon and than the cereal On Friday!Sample source you can sample them and if you want and like it later you can go to the stores and buy them
This Ocean Naturals I won on Tuesday the 11th for a giveaway they were doing and I won!~ Its as you can see tuna with oil and i heard that they are really delicious from people that have bought them So i will let you know when i try them. I wrote to Welchs and they emailed me back saying they appreciated my feedback and gave me the welchs coupons. That is all my freebies, samples and Wins this week.!

11/3-11/8/2014 Freebie samples and wins

I got my Shop small order free shipping free to get and I won the go to snacks and it arrived on Monday. I received 15 shop small totes, Stickers, carpet and pins. I already gave about half of the totes out my mom is using one and she loves bags like these It was to promote on November 29 on Saturday to Small businesses for customers coming in and passing them out for promotion of their own small business. I entered the To Go Snacks the week before and I won those coupons I would say that was a great day for me to get these.

This was Fridays I got my emergen C samples and my Made with Code Bracelet which is my 2nd one to be made and I won Silk almond Milk coupon. Butterfly samples which is not something that was be for me. I thought it would be like long liners or something for feminine stuff but It was not pad it was in the shape of a small butterfly and not sure it would work for me since its a product i dont care for.

I got the Ricola mission from Crowtap that I applied for and i Have not tried it yet and Walmart dove sample. This week was a good but slow week since i only had things coming 3 days this week.

Friday, November 7, 2014

Zep Review

Crowdtap sent me Zep products samples to try and review after i applied for it and i got accepted. I tried it yesterday on my sink and bath tub sprayed it wait for a 1 min and came back to it and cleaned it and it did clean away the dirt and grease. Here are the pictures down below the before and after. I would say it works good and I would recommend this product to friends and family I gave two to my aunt to try. It works just as any cleaning products but this one is awesome!! #ZepCleansters #TryZep #Sponsored

shine likes new

here is a tiny spot 

another spot

the all around Oxy cleaner and the quick clean disinfectant

I dont get anything from Zep or Crowdtap this is all free i got to sample and review for nothing giving back to me.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Where i get stuff from to buy without out to spend out of pocket!

All survey sites i go to i get points and i redeem them for gift cards and This place is the best Instagc is where to get gift card. You watch videos however much you want and redeem them for amazon gift cards. You dont have to do the surveys or anything if you don't feel like you want to a person watch videos for two whole days and made a ton of points and redeemed amazon cards for $1 or 5 or 10 or 25. I already redeem plenty, but i still am doing more. Use my referral link and start and enjoy and have fun!!I


Saturday, November 1, 2014

Freebies samples and wins 10/27- 11/1/2014

My week of freebies and samples and wins were awesome. It wasnt a slow news week at all. So here is what I got on Thursday i got my Lashem 3 in 1 bright samples for the eyes the Yogi tea samples and my Points2shop cat ear, tails and a bow tie I got this using my points with free shipping nothing paid out of pocket at all. Please if you want to get free things or anything please join Points2shop on my link


I won the week before for Mary Kay and i received it on Friday which is quite fast but thing is the hand scrub had a piece of long hair in it hard to take out. The perfume is too strong  and the vanilla lip balm was hard to unscrew, but other than that everything else was good. This was my 1st win from Mary Kay I also had a 2nd win from another seller from mary kay. I think i like this seller better.

The lip blam

How it came in it was pretty
This was from Crowtdap that i need to do review on it was new from Campbells I applied for this mission and i got accept and they sent it and than I got Poised Liner Free samples I only tried the Slow Kettle and it was a bit salty and my mom like its and i like it but i cant eat the rest right now as it is needed for some of the challenges.   Crowdtap

This came on Tuesday this is my 2nd eb5 samples with coupon and the select blinds blind whatever it is that little kids are protected from i dont have kids so i will give this to my uncle who has a toddler.

This was a win that i got the Two Faced makeup and Sleeping Beauty dvd was from 15 Minute Beauty on Facebook and on her blog. I was the grandprize winner and there was 2 other runner ups. They just got the dvd. Hada Labo lotion free sample, The English Laundry English Rose free sample perfume these are not my type lol It is  too strong of a scent. Than my Bath and body work coupons i havent had in a while so i was happy i got it but i dont need to go to it anymore .

On Friday these came I got the Maxboost 2nd iphone S5 case white plain one. And the Biscoff coupon and then from Crowdtap the Zep cleaners to try and review. 

Saturday my 2nd win from mary kay which is just lotion and a 1 perfume and 1 lip the other was a lot more and the blending sponge i got from Points2shop with my points free shipping also and the U kotex free sample pads and coupon. The Macks earbuds free sample and coupon and the Ultimate flora vegetarain pills which are much too big for me to swallow so  I dont know what i am going to do that about lol. So all in all these were all my freebies and wins. I won 2 things this week I think but they wont be here till next week.

Hope you had a great halloween on Friday and a great Weekend!

[KDrama DVD Giveaway] Get Your Favorite KDrama

Well i am entering into this Kdrama DVD giveaway you should too if you love Korean dramas!! to enter just click on the link above its where the rest of it is at.
I Hear Your Voice, Cruel City, Bridal Mask, Good Doctor, Queen Inhyun’s Man, City Hunter, The Princess’ Man, Nine: Nine Times Time Travel, White Christmas, Queen Seon Deok, The Moon That Embraces The Sun, A Gentleman’s Dignity, Ghost, You’re Beautiful, Rooftop Prince, 49 Days, Innocent Man, School 2013, King 2 Hearts, Jumong, Coffee Prince, Sungkyunkwan Scandal, That Winter, The Wind Blows, BIG, My Man From The Stars, The Heirs, You’re all Surrounded and many more… 
KDrama are all around us, and we can’t not to love them.


KBeat is place for Kpop and Korean culture fans to write their thoughts and review the hottest issues in the K-World, comment and read others reviews, and get rewarded for the passion with various giveaways, events, and special ranking system. KBeat provides easy tools for the reviewers to write their thoughts and all this and many more for free no charge!
KBeat is not limited to just Kpop, but also focuses on other aspects of K-Culture. Therefore we decided to hold this giveaway which is all about the Korean dramas! 

What Can I Win?

We are giving away FIVE KDrama DVD set, which means five people will get their favorite KDramascompletly free. The prizes divided to 2 kinds:

How May I Win?

Simple, just follow those 3 missions:
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    The most shared/liked status may win the Grand Prize.
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  3. Solve the quiz! How many human faces come up in the following video?
    *Must Mission for those who want to win the Grand Prize.
After completing the mission, submit the form below. On Thursday, November 13th, we will update this post by announcing the winners. In addition, an email will be sent to every participant with the results.