Saturday, November 29, 2014

Scott Natural Tube Free Tissue Paper Product to Review

I applied for this product and got it. I received this product from Crowdtap free to review without cost whatsoever. I dont get nothing from this except a product free!! The Scott Naturals Tube Free tissue paper. I have used this and the roll is great because you dont need to have the tube in the middle of the tissue paper so you don't need to waste anything after you used the tissue paper. I shared this with my mother and she is using it in her room and she told me it was good. We decided that we will definitely buy this in the future. Gives for good environment without wasting tubes and helps everyone!! I am a part of Crowdtappers on Crowdtap. Please go decide for yourself you would like to go try them out. It may be a little dented in the middle, but it is ok.  Crowdtap go over there and join and get products free to review!

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