Saturday, November 15, 2014

Freebies Samples and Wins 11/10-/11/15/2014

This week i had a bunch of wins Monday my Tatcha Sample cream i think or may have been a win i am not too sure. I redeemed on Purell Loyality Program my purell hand sanitizer you can join too and than my Oxytroi sample.

I cant fix this one but Disney maps i got and stickers i ask for.

Wednesday I got the Popsugar sample squad that i got which is the Puffs Soft pack and than from Skoals i got it from the tabacco company though it might not work right now i will come back and edit and put the link on where to find it

Sample Source samples i got the Gevalia and its coupon and the tums and coupon and than the cereal On Friday!Sample source you can sample them and if you want and like it later you can go to the stores and buy them
This Ocean Naturals I won on Tuesday the 11th for a giveaway they were doing and I won!~ Its as you can see tuna with oil and i heard that they are really delicious from people that have bought them So i will let you know when i try them. I wrote to Welchs and they emailed me back saying they appreciated my feedback and gave me the welchs coupons. That is all my freebies, samples and Wins this week.!

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