Sunday, November 30, 2014

Freebies, Samples, Wins and things I bought for free 11/24-/11/29/2104

This week for November 24th to the 29th are my freebies, samples, and wins.
On Monday i got my Crowdtap mission that I applied for and got approved for Free with no cost. I applied for this because it says Tube Free without the tube in the middle. It is good for the environment nothing to recycle after that.

This was on Wednesday that I got in the mail. Dial samples from Walmart i think yes. The rest is Organic Matcha, Kit Kat Sakura Green Tea and the cow package is Hokkaido japan milk soft candy. I would have to say out of all those I have tried before was the Soft candy when i was in Hokkaido this past July. I would have to say it was delicious. I got all candy and tea on Amazon with my amazon gift cards all free with free shipping.  Later i would give a review only on the organic Matcha after I have tried it.
A book that I won which is in another post below this one. I won it from Goodreads.

On Friday I received my Betty Crocker sample sugar cookies and the Zevia coupon.

On Saturday I got my pantene shampoo and conditioner samples and than I got the Target samples, something not in the picture is also earlier in the week I had another target sample sent to me it was the Biotrue contacts solution  It was going to be for my brother, but he said he did not want it since he doesn't want handouts. He rather just buy it. The rest of the target samples is advil pills the pad, caltrate candy there. and the Bic Soleil razor. I was pretty ecxited for that one out of the target samples. The pink bag I got/bought for free on amazon with free shipping i got it think it was going to be huge but it was not that huge but it is still ok for me to use

World Pride Nylon Handbag Insert Comestic Gadget Purse Organizer (Pink)

So that is all the stuff i got for this week!! I hope you enjoyed looking at the pictures and stuff.

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