Saturday, November 15, 2014

11/3-11/8/2014 Freebie samples and wins

I got my Shop small order free shipping free to get and I won the go to snacks and it arrived on Monday. I received 15 shop small totes, Stickers, carpet and pins. I already gave about half of the totes out my mom is using one and she loves bags like these It was to promote on November 29 on Saturday to Small businesses for customers coming in and passing them out for promotion of their own small business. I entered the To Go Snacks the week before and I won those coupons I would say that was a great day for me to get these.

This was Fridays I got my emergen C samples and my Made with Code Bracelet which is my 2nd one to be made and I won Silk almond Milk coupon. Butterfly samples which is not something that was be for me. I thought it would be like long liners or something for feminine stuff but It was not pad it was in the shape of a small butterfly and not sure it would work for me since its a product i dont care for.

I got the Ricola mission from Crowtap that I applied for and i Have not tried it yet and Walmart dove sample. This week was a good but slow week since i only had things coming 3 days this week.

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