Saturday, November 1, 2014

Freebies samples and wins 10/27- 11/1/2014

My week of freebies and samples and wins were awesome. It wasnt a slow news week at all. So here is what I got on Thursday i got my Lashem 3 in 1 bright samples for the eyes the Yogi tea samples and my Points2shop cat ear, tails and a bow tie I got this using my points with free shipping nothing paid out of pocket at all. Please if you want to get free things or anything please join Points2shop on my link


I won the week before for Mary Kay and i received it on Friday which is quite fast but thing is the hand scrub had a piece of long hair in it hard to take out. The perfume is too strong  and the vanilla lip balm was hard to unscrew, but other than that everything else was good. This was my 1st win from Mary Kay I also had a 2nd win from another seller from mary kay. I think i like this seller better.

The lip blam

How it came in it was pretty
This was from Crowtdap that i need to do review on it was new from Campbells I applied for this mission and i got accept and they sent it and than I got Poised Liner Free samples I only tried the Slow Kettle and it was a bit salty and my mom like its and i like it but i cant eat the rest right now as it is needed for some of the challenges.   Crowdtap

This came on Tuesday this is my 2nd eb5 samples with coupon and the select blinds blind whatever it is that little kids are protected from i dont have kids so i will give this to my uncle who has a toddler.

This was a win that i got the Two Faced makeup and Sleeping Beauty dvd was from 15 Minute Beauty on Facebook and on her blog. I was the grandprize winner and there was 2 other runner ups. They just got the dvd. Hada Labo lotion free sample, The English Laundry English Rose free sample perfume these are not my type lol It is  too strong of a scent. Than my Bath and body work coupons i havent had in a while so i was happy i got it but i dont need to go to it anymore .

On Friday these came I got the Maxboost 2nd iphone S5 case white plain one. And the Biscoff coupon and then from Crowdtap the Zep cleaners to try and review. 

Saturday my 2nd win from mary kay which is just lotion and a 1 perfume and 1 lip the other was a lot more and the blending sponge i got from Points2shop with my points free shipping also and the U kotex free sample pads and coupon. The Macks earbuds free sample and coupon and the Ultimate flora vegetarain pills which are much too big for me to swallow so  I dont know what i am going to do that about lol. So all in all these were all my freebies and wins. I won 2 things this week I think but they wont be here till next week.

Hope you had a great halloween on Friday and a great Weekend!

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