Friday, August 19, 2016

WowBox Grand Reopening Giveaway is having a grand reopening giveaway.

This japanese subsciption boxes have 4 themes 1. is dasgashi this has 12 items and it reminds you of childhood with chocolates, savory snacks, gummies and hard candies

If you subscribe there is discounts for  6 to 12 months and that is 20% off,

 Right now there is a 10% off code which is grand_wowbox this code is valid till September 30th!!

2nd box theme is Fun and Tasty its all anime, DIY treats

3rd box is Kawaii and Beauty so that has low cal snacks, beauty and health conscious treats

4th Box is new and limited which is super unlimited things you cant get but only in japan!!

So click the link and go check the box out!!  also click my link to go to the giveaway and enter the giveaway  or if not click my link go to their facebook page and enter through there~