Sunday, June 28, 2015

Freebies and Samples 06/22/ to 06/27/15

Jerkys Reviews

I been eating a lot of different jerkys for the pass few months there are certainley some that are not in this post because i cant find those pictures.

Perky Jerky their Turkey is delicious. Their beef is ok. But like their turkey.

This is Walgreen's De Lish their own i think and their maple bacon jerky is also great!! I like it so i will go buy more.

This is harris teeter Bridgford . Its smokey and i dont like it too spicy for me will buy other kinds from them but not this one

Krave Their grilled sweet teriyaki is aweosme I like it and will buy more.

This is from Trader Joe's Wild Salmon Jerky i like it, It may be hard but i like it!!

But I am very much into asian style pork, beef jerky from hong kong trying different jerkys is awesome it will let me decide which one in america is better.

Hawaii SnackBox June Review

So June's Hawaii Snack box i got this month its my 2nd one, This one i would have to say i like this box more than the 1st box but i also didnt say i didnt like the first box. So here is the box I didnt take a separate picture of my box when i got my mail so sorry.

Here is my box i have a shampoo in there that is not supposed to be part of it and the pock on the right side is also not part of it 

Hawaii Island Taro Chips its pretty good I am not one for taro at all but when i ate these chips it has some lines on it but once i put it in my mouth no taro flavor Its a 5 for me i like it I would definitely find it again and buy it. Wasabi Seaweed has no wasabi in it so 5 for me. Its good 

Maluna Loa nuts is good 

Li Hing Mu cookies isnt like the cotton candy i had last time but its also one i can not finish eating it all 

This banana mochi is filled with banana this one i didnt eat it left it to my mom since i am not into bananas. I ate the other mochi the strawberriy mochi I like that one better. Gooey stuff inside the middle yummy.

Hawaii Pretz Pineapple flavor once you open the package you smell the pineapple before you eat, I love this and Pretz

If you want to subscribe for this go to the link here and look at the different subscriptions boxes and prices you want.

Bzzagent Campaign of Silk Yogurt Review

I got this Product from Harris Teeter with a free coupon for my Bzzagent Campaign Silk Yogurt.  Bzzagent is word of mouth so if you want to sign join Bzzagent to get these free products to try and review go sign up and join.
This Silk yogurt is diary free, there are different flavors, but I picked Peach and Mango because i like Mango. Once i got it, it looks like it has a nice outside package really nice. I opened it and it look thick.  

I added some pumpkin seeds into it to eat and i took one bite and i dont know maybe it was too thick for me and I also thought too sour, Yea yogurts are usually sour but maybe the mango or peach did it to me. I let my mom eat it she likes yogurt and she said it is nice and good. Would i buy more of this in the future um probably not. Thanks to bzzagent for this product to trhy

Natural You Fish oil Omega3

I received this to review from Snagshout for a discounted or free for my honest opinons, When i got this i opened the cap and it smells like vanilla as my mom said.  This bottle has no fishy aftertaste, it supports your immune system heart and brain. Most bottles i seen has a warning of bottle breaking or caution. This one says Allergen Warning that contains fish of whatever kind and list them and soy. Pretty awesome.

When i put it in my mouth the gel was sweet sure it is large soft gel but I can still swallow it.  Its easy to swallow and very easy to handle I think i would definitely buy this when I have the chance again.

The link is to amazon product is here if you want to buy it or if you want to get it at snagshout whichever you like.

Thursday, June 18, 2015

Deja Vu Hairstyler From Not Your Mother Review

This Deja Vu Hairstyler From Not Your Mother with Berries is the one I like in this Bellavoxbox from Influenster. After washing my hair while it was still damp, I squeezed a little bit out and rubbed it into my roots to the ends of my hair. Than I went to blowdry my hair.  It lasted longer than i expected it didnt give me problems at all I love the smell, my scalp didn't get oily at all. There was also no stickiness, I love this product !!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

KimKine: Kawaii Box Unboxing and INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY!

KimKine: Kawaii Box Unboxing and INTERNATIONAL GIVEAWAY!: Have you guys heard of Kawaii Box ? Kawaii Box is a monthly subscription box packed FULL of the cutest items from Japan and Korea! Each...

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

NEW Japanese Candy Subscription giveaway

I just entered a new giveaway from kawaii box they decided to make Japanese Candy Box if you want to win one go join their facebook page or go find the giveaway is down below. go enter because i am!!!

Enter the giveaway to win the next month's japan candy box. Inside the box is 8 to 10 japanese candies and snacks go try and or subscribe today!!

Saturday, June 6, 2015

Johnsonville Grillers Steak and Onion Review

So Crowdtap i applied for this campaign and i got accept so they sent me this product for free from Johnsonville for exchange of my honest opinons.

I would say when i applied i dont know why i applied, i dislike sausages so i dont know why i applied but i did and thought do i have to buy sasuages but see other people get grillers. I dont know if they are sasuages or hamburger. I ate it and still dont know what it is.,

I picked the steakhouse onions since it was NEW 

I had a temperature to notice when it went to the correct temperature to know when it was done it was not burned or anything it was just right and juicy

I only cooked one since i was sick and i couldnt eat it as my taste was out of commission so i made it for my brother since he was home so he can taste it.

Results it came out done.

My brother said it taste ok but he says that about everything. He said it was juicy taste like a hambuger and not have a strong onion taste.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Fit Snack

Fit Snack provides a healthy way for people who are on the go, to have snacks on hand that won't make them feel guilty. Check them out at

Also they are having a giveaway so go check their website out and than go enter through the link below and win a box full of goodies of snacks !!!

Freebie and samples and win's 05/30 to 6/5/15

Another week of my cold so no video again this Friday so blogging about my freebies

I ordered some Marcopromotion samples from Marco Promotions. You have to have a business to get free samples. Anything under $7.00 you can get free samples of so i got 4 tote bags and duffle bags. As you can see i am missing a bag here but it shipped separately. A cup with spoon.Marco Promo

Necocell samples tumbler and some chewys inside the cup. Rose water spray toner i got for a review from the same people that emailed me about sciential health essential oils. Got a ring off amazon from my amazon credits and sample from Walmart garnier, and Sanari Beauty on facebook gave me samples. I been sick so i havent had time to try them to post a review on their facebook yet.

Okeeffe's working hands their new product was in cream in a tube and was top 50 or so to get chosen and i won. Havent tried it yet but It works great with dry hands and crack heels.

Here is the ring on my finger

Disney DVD planning I am not sure why i got another one. Epicor and Landry soup from Mom's week for Sampler on Facebook Sampler this upcoming week is doing another sample week go RSVP right now you will get food samples next week!!! You dont want to miss out 

All You magazine website Got the Monostate thing and a coupon, got some grilling pork recepes, got some laundry samples and than beechnut coupon 

My Pinchme box from last month, my japan crate that i won in Feb finally arrive. When i have voice and i can eat cuz my throat is too sore to eat anything big I will do a video of what is inside my box. , some tea samples and some coupons and a pinchme unboxing too
This one will have a video too. This is from Arella Facebook page i referraled 10 people to their page and got something for under $40 dollar to review so i picked this bluetooth speaker.