Sunday, June 28, 2015

Hawaii SnackBox June Review

So June's Hawaii Snack box i got this month its my 2nd one, This one i would have to say i like this box more than the 1st box but i also didnt say i didnt like the first box. So here is the box I didnt take a separate picture of my box when i got my mail so sorry.

Here is my box i have a shampoo in there that is not supposed to be part of it and the pock on the right side is also not part of it 

Hawaii Island Taro Chips its pretty good I am not one for taro at all but when i ate these chips it has some lines on it but once i put it in my mouth no taro flavor Its a 5 for me i like it I would definitely find it again and buy it. Wasabi Seaweed has no wasabi in it so 5 for me. Its good 

Maluna Loa nuts is good 

Li Hing Mu cookies isnt like the cotton candy i had last time but its also one i can not finish eating it all 

This banana mochi is filled with banana this one i didnt eat it left it to my mom since i am not into bananas. I ate the other mochi the strawberriy mochi I like that one better. Gooey stuff inside the middle yummy.

Hawaii Pretz Pineapple flavor once you open the package you smell the pineapple before you eat, I love this and Pretz

If you want to subscribe for this go to the link here and look at the different subscriptions boxes and prices you want.

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