Sunday, June 28, 2015

Bzzagent Campaign of Silk Yogurt Review

I got this Product from Harris Teeter with a free coupon for my Bzzagent Campaign Silk Yogurt.  Bzzagent is word of mouth so if you want to sign join Bzzagent to get these free products to try and review go sign up and join.
This Silk yogurt is diary free, there are different flavors, but I picked Peach and Mango because i like Mango. Once i got it, it looks like it has a nice outside package really nice. I opened it and it look thick.  

I added some pumpkin seeds into it to eat and i took one bite and i dont know maybe it was too thick for me and I also thought too sour, Yea yogurts are usually sour but maybe the mango or peach did it to me. I let my mom eat it she likes yogurt and she said it is nice and good. Would i buy more of this in the future um probably not. Thanks to bzzagent for this product to trhy

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