Saturday, June 6, 2015

Johnsonville Grillers Steak and Onion Review

So Crowdtap i applied for this campaign and i got accept so they sent me this product for free from Johnsonville for exchange of my honest opinons.

I would say when i applied i dont know why i applied, i dislike sausages so i dont know why i applied but i did and thought do i have to buy sasuages but see other people get grillers. I dont know if they are sasuages or hamburger. I ate it and still dont know what it is.,

I picked the steakhouse onions since it was NEW 

I had a temperature to notice when it went to the correct temperature to know when it was done it was not burned or anything it was just right and juicy

I only cooked one since i was sick and i couldnt eat it as my taste was out of commission so i made it for my brother since he was home so he can taste it.

Results it came out done.

My brother said it taste ok but he says that about everything. He said it was juicy taste like a hambuger and not have a strong onion taste.

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