Friday, June 5, 2015

Freebie and samples and win's 05/30 to 6/5/15

Another week of my cold so no video again this Friday so blogging about my freebies

I ordered some Marcopromotion samples from Marco Promotions. You have to have a business to get free samples. Anything under $7.00 you can get free samples of so i got 4 tote bags and duffle bags. As you can see i am missing a bag here but it shipped separately. A cup with spoon.Marco Promo

Necocell samples tumbler and some chewys inside the cup. Rose water spray toner i got for a review from the same people that emailed me about sciential health essential oils. Got a ring off amazon from my amazon credits and sample from Walmart garnier, and Sanari Beauty on facebook gave me samples. I been sick so i havent had time to try them to post a review on their facebook yet.

Okeeffe's working hands their new product was in cream in a tube and was top 50 or so to get chosen and i won. Havent tried it yet but It works great with dry hands and crack heels.

Here is the ring on my finger

Disney DVD planning I am not sure why i got another one. Epicor and Landry soup from Mom's week for Sampler on Facebook Sampler this upcoming week is doing another sample week go RSVP right now you will get food samples next week!!! You dont want to miss out 

All You magazine website Got the Monostate thing and a coupon, got some grilling pork recepes, got some laundry samples and than beechnut coupon 

My Pinchme box from last month, my japan crate that i won in Feb finally arrive. When i have voice and i can eat cuz my throat is too sore to eat anything big I will do a video of what is inside my box. , some tea samples and some coupons and a pinchme unboxing too
This one will have a video too. This is from Arella Facebook page i referraled 10 people to their page and got something for under $40 dollar to review so i picked this bluetooth speaker.  

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