Friday, May 29, 2015

Freebies, Samples and Wins for 05/22/15 to 05/29/15

Sorry there is no youtube video for me this week I am sick and my voice is totally gone so until i feel better than Its just blogs

So my freebies and samples this week are

I got coupons from 4c, Innovasian, and Sister Schuberts when i wrote to complimented them and got some samples from Lab series for men

I already posted about my hawaii snack box i won few post below, I got grab good good bag of laundry and dish stuff, nieslon survey sent me a survey to do and gave me 2.00, I also got a black towel from Towelcenter for salons and etc. That was a sample and than Mom's week i got the epicor samples

I wrote to Kahiki complimented them and than they told me they will send a coupon but in the fedex package they said i was a fortune friday winner so i got those long chopsticks and then Pinecone Research send me a product to review.

I redeem

I got jerky from Fusion Jerky

Mission from crowdtap advil and johnsons grillers, some protein health stuff. Seeds of good seeds. a check from Surveysavvy of 24.00 and a macey thing from a friend of mine who sent me a sample of 3 in primer sample.

I won from Cosmopolitian mag for a physcians formula bb lip and cheek stain. and than smiley360 woman vitamines

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