Monday, May 11, 2015

Freebies and Samples and wins 5/4 to 5/09/15

I havent updated my blog about what i got for a while but just showing it on youtube and than posting it on here so going back to it right now

Saturday i got bag to the left which is butterfly pea tea leafs on amazon with my survey money. Its good for your hair and grayness. Cleanse your blood and helps your eyes. It only cost me about 6.00 on amazon free shipping. But to me cost me 0 and to the left of the bag is mambo sprouts summer coupon booklet

I got on amazon the Kdrama Boys over Flower kissing star necklace cost about 3.00 free shipping but i think i should have gotten the 10.00 one as the 10.00 one looks like the kissing star necklace but its ok I will get the 10.00 one soon. It was also use from my survey money. Nature Valley sample Nut Crisp Salt Caramel. This is really good although it came broken i still ate it. The stress ball on the right is from Wonderful Pistachio that I won 

Close up of the kissing star necklace

Besty's Best if you go on their facebook page you can go on their website and get a sample of the gourmet Almond Butter. Than My back to nature free coupon from week of wellness which Sampler on facebook was doing for week of wellness if you dont already know sampler is doing one again for may 20th of this month for owner with pets so go to sampler on facebook and RSVP when they post.

This teddy bear fine print thigh highs. Is is stocking thigh highs i got it off amazon for 3.48 free shipping with my survey money. It fits and its cute that is all i have to say as i will be buying more.

Wild Alaskan Fish oil I won from their facebook page  so i got fish oil, pen and their booklet.

I got one of the Camerena little wallet i guess for phones. Than i got one bob evans $5.00 off for their products and than i got $1 dollar off Kraft cheese.

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