Monday, May 11, 2015

Tiger Balm Products Review

My Tiger Balm I won on winitwed on their facebook a while back. I won all these for being top fan that week. I got ginger candy, 2 caps, tons of samples packs, rub and shoulder cream 2 of them. 3 of the ones near the ginger candy and lots of pads for joins and more cream.

I gave out some samples to family. My mom tried one of the ginger candy she said it is good even though she didnt have a cold she ate it like that.  The rest of the products i havent used yet cuz i have no pain right now but when my arm muscle is hurting i would put one the cream on it. My dad has tried the pad for his back and he said it works wonders after a few days but he loves tiger balm he use to buy them but i havent seen them in the house for a while. He was going ot buy them the other day but mom told him that i already won them so do not buy.

If you have any pain with your joints and muscles or whatever pain on your body use these it will work. Go over to facebook and join their facebook and try to win it on wed.

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