Monday, May 11, 2015

Crowdtap Aveeno Review

I got these Aveeno products to review from Crowdtap for free from Aveeno. These are my own opinons so let me go and review them for you.

This new Aveeno Daily Moisturzing lotion sheer hydration 1st. 2nd it absorbs in secons with powder like feel and 3rd it will hydrate on your skin for 24 hours. Also in this is natural soothing oatmeal in it.

a sample size but its ok i can carry this with me in my purse whenever i want

I put it on my skin and its smooth as heck and pretty clean. It doesnt give me any bad smell the smell is quite good. Not too strong or bad just nice. I like it

This Aveeno lotion sunscreen which is a new item it protects and hydrates when you are in the sun outside. Its Broad spectrum SPF 30. It helps to reverse skin dehyrdation with nourishing oats also. When i first open this up the smell was flowing out pretty nice smell I like the smell. Although i dont go out to hang out in the sun a lot i dont usually get a burn or get that dark. But i will start doing that now using this as this is also a sample size that i can also put in my purse good thing too.

I like these products if you want to go review go to Crowdtap join the community and do quick hits and challanges and stuff to get to review products for free!!

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