Sunday, May 17, 2015

Influenster Bellavoxbox Review

I had received this Bellavoxbox from Influenster for free for testing purposes so these are my own honest opinoins  In the box as you can see i have an ecotool brush, clubw wine. Ebay thing to do, dove chocolate, Not your Mother Dejavu, Kate's Rimmel Lipstick and mascara and Sally Hanson's airbrush legs
The club w and ebay one i did not do as i didnt want to buy it or do it. But the Sally Hansen others may like it but i dont go out in the sun to do suntan so putting self tanner on my legs was a bad idea. It came out medium as it was medium. It did not look that good on my legs.

This Deja Vu hairstyle with berries is the one i like in this box and after washing hair put it on while damp and rubbing it in to the roots to your ends after that blowdry your hair if you want it will last a few days and your head will not get oily.It works It smells nice and there is no stickiness i like it.

This is with makeup on with the mascara Kate Moss Scandal Eyes line picture

The mascara

This is with the Kate Moss Lipstick line its too red for me i usually do not wear this type of brightness on my lips but others say it is pretty on my lips.


this is the ecotool brush its wooden so i like it but kinda heavy it does the job well. I like it.

using the brush on my face

Dove whole blueberries chocolate i never had Dove chocolate before so i didnt know if i would have liked it but i do its very delicious and yummy. It has the taste of blueberries inside.

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