Monday, May 11, 2015

Review of Korean Drama Hill Me Heal Me

I want to start doing drama reviews no matter if it is asian or american.

I started watching this drama with Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eun in it because he is a great korean actor. Also whatever drama he is in he flares! So this one is also good. The drama summary is in the link so go click the link to go read it. Kill Me Heal Me

So on to my review this drama is awesome. His character few personalities is great there is great adlibbing too. teen girl, old man, cool cold personality, teen male is also good. This is about DID so if you are not into mental disorders dont watch it but this also has romance in it too. There is a lot of crying in this drama so if you are not into sad dramas dont watch it too. This gave me lots of tears and such. But i kept on watching cuz it is hiliarious and sad at the same time. I cant wait for his next drama. Ji sung also sung on the soundtrack and he is not a singer but he should be I am going to buy the series and the soundtrack. I finished this drama yesterday and starting another drama. Before i started on Kill Me Heal Me. I had just finish Blood so watch for the next review.

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