Thursday, December 17, 2015

Crowdtap Mission Sweet N Low Try and Review

So I got this from Crowdtap Sweet N Low mission and got accepted got it to try and make different recipes with it. I made vietnamese coffee as i love coffee so sweet n low, In the past two years i havent used it in a while because i use others, but since i had the free chance why not!? I dont hate it i like it.
In this kit i got a lot of packets of sweet n low, and a little wallet pouch to keep it in if i do take it with me on the go and two recipes.

I use condense milk, i use unsweet milk, and sweet n low two packs of it and cafe viet coffee pack for one of my recipe

Final Product

I shared with my family the sweet n Low packets they made different packs of vietnamese coffee and ice tea. I talked to about 20 people about on my social medias sites and said that i got this free to try and voice my honest opinions. If you liked to try products and voice your opinions go join crowdtap and do polls and missions and you will get to apply for a lot of different missions crowdtap

Sunday, December 13, 2015

O’Keeffe’s® Working Hands® 2-Week Challenge

I received this product O'Keeffe's Working Hands from Smiley360 for free in exchange of my unbiased opinions. I had to do a 2 week challenge on my hands for dry hands or cracks on my hands, my hands are just dry so it doesnt really have any cracks or scars. I use it for a week and
In the Package i have one working hands product a smiley360 sticker, a mission card and a $1.00 off coupon

my hands before dry

after a week

O'Keeffe's Working hands are really good for scars or dry on your hands it will heal your cracks after 2 weeks or more. Its a really nice product I like it and if you want to try products to review you should go to smiley360

Friday, December 11, 2015


OtakuBeauty: KAWAII BOX GIVEAWAY!!!: Hi guys ^_^ You remember my Kawaii Box Unboxing from September 2015 ? No? Then go ahead and watch it HERE :  I entered into this kawaii giveaway you should too

Monday, November 30, 2015

Suze likes, loves, finds and dreams: Etsy Spotlight & Giveaway: Suze Loves Zingara Crea...

Suze likes, loves, finds and dreams: Etsy Spotlight & Giveaway: Suze Loves Zingara Crea...: I love  Zingara Creativa . The owner, Alessia, makes such beautiful jewelry. The quality of her work is amazing. Every ...

Please go check it and if you like enter the giveaway too!~

Saturday, November 28, 2015

Bitesreview Giveaway

I entered Bitesreview giveaway for Kawaii Box giveaway and its looks to have great stuff if you want to win one you should go to Bitesreviews and subscribe and follow because her blog is great and she does giveaway often and reviews on a lot of awesome products or websites

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

New Trent Ipad Case Bluetooth Keyboard Unboxing and Review 11/11/15

I got an email in from New Trent company asking if i want to be a beta tester to review their products, I went for it I got this for a discounted rate to try and review and give my own unbiased opinions. Below is my review, New trent facebook and the item is in this link go check it if you want to be a beta tester go to their facebook page and sign up or check this item out on amazon

Monday, November 9, 2015

Japan Yum Contest Giveaway Thanksgiving!

This year I am thankful for my family and friends because my friend help me and are on my side they are awesome. My family because they support me in doing what I want to do. I want to win from Japan Yum because I japanese snacks and food!! I really want to try japan yums boxes of snacks. It looks fun and very yummy.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Snakku October Unboxing and Tasting 10/21/15

I won Snakku japanese subsciption box from beejuboxes that she was doing and i got October's Box full of Hokkaido Snacks Please watch and if you like the link is in the video to subscribe to Snakku you dont want to miss out as Snakku offers different japan prefectures local foods different than other japanese subscription boxes. Enjoy watching!!

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Shop Miss A Haul 09/26/15

I went shopping on this site that I heard from a friend but i never seen any video hauls before but I would definitely would go do that after I blog about it. I like this Miss A website store It has a lot of cute asian products I would continue to buy from them  In the video of mine you can see what I ordered off the website. I have to say the packaging of all the items I ordered was pack very nice and lovely its very cute!! everything $1 shipping is 3.95

Saturday, September 19, 2015

My Coca Cola Life Review

I got this product Coca Cola Life free from Bzzagent to try and review. Before I had this sent to me I had bought it a few months before and had loved it. I was excited that I could try the product free from Bzzagent when they were giving out the campaign mission. I love coca cola life. I like the fact that this came in a bottle and it is made of cane sugar and stevia. Low calorie and taste sweet and no artificial sweetners. I can buy this everyday all day drink it everyday. Along with the bottle came some 55 cents off coupon which i shared with my family. If you haven't tried this before why don't you go find it in your regular grocery stores or pharmacy stores. I like the bottle because real coke I mean you have to expeirence the real glass bottles it is classic and you can feel and taste the sugar from it than a regular can. Just like in the olden days with Coke bottles and bottle cap you collect this should be a collectors item.
These are my own honest opinions dont take my word for it go out and buy it to try it!! Go go go!!~

Friday, September 18, 2015

Kroger and Big Lots Haul 9/18/15

Here is my Kroger and Big Lots haul using coupons at Kroger so there are products i got free and Big Lots had Clearance so I checked it out

Saturday, September 12, 2015

MamaMittens Kawaii Box! + GIVEAWAY (Open)

MamaMittens is sponsoring a kawaii box giveaway I totally entered i have yet to win one lol so if you want to win one go to her youtube and enter as well!!

Monday, September 7, 2015

Reviewsio New Amazon review Group

So Reviewsio is a new amazon review place where you can get products to review for free if you have amazon prime or for discounted rate. I joined a few days and there are a lot of things that I like and you can join if you like to get products for free to review. When you join you can invite others to join and you get referral points also sharing your referral link and have people click on it by checking it out will also get you points its a very cool review group Please check out the link below  The review group will be Launching on October 5th, 2015

Monday, August 31, 2015

Seventh Generation Energy Smart Laundry Detergent Review

I received this from Seventh Generation Community for free to try and use and give my unbias opinions. I like the detergent because it smells like Citrus, since it is that smell. It cuts costs of energy. You just have to use it with cold water and low when washing. It made my clothes came out nice and clean and I did use it with cold water and on low. It didn't smell like citrus though, But that was ok I like it.  It works and I like the full size of the container.   Generation Good  If you want to join and try products for free and give your honest opinions the link is there and go check it out. You have to do a bit of surveys and such and discussions too.

japan candy box Giveaway Ends Sept 3rd (Hurry)

Marnie on youtube is having a giveaway for Japan Candy Box full of great japanese candy and snacks!! I entered to hope to win !! So why not enter go enter !!!  the link is under the info on her video

Charrmyn ♥ - Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel: Japan Candy Box x Charrmyn Giveaway

Charrmyn ♥ - Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel: Japan Candy Box x Charrmyn Giveaway: Hello everyone~ Come and join my latest collaboration with Japan Candy Box, where you could win next months candy box for yourself to try!...

I entered Charrmyn's giveaway for her Japan Candy Crate full of great japanese snacks why dont you enter too So you can win !!!

Ari is having a Rillakkuma Stationary Giveaway

Chichiibanban Ari is having a Rillakkuma Stationary Giveaway I entered why you dont you enter it too !!

Friday, August 28, 2015

Foxnovo Selfie Stick Review

I got a email one day a week ago from Foxnovo asking if I would be interested in reviewing their selfie Stick so I looked at their link on amazon and it was from Hong Kong based I immediately said sure since something from Hong Kong you know. I got this at a discounted rate so these are my honest and unbiased opinions of this brand of Selfie Stick.

Selfie Stick

This is just a black handle here and it has a plug into your iphone or android no need for battery. It has a button to click on to take pictures and it extends to 88 cm with different angles.

I turned it on extended it and use one of my brother's Iphone just to record not take any pictures but it turned out good. Good picture shot good recording clear picture.

I took a picture from my digital camera and showing you how it works and i didnt press down on the button or anything and I must have and on my brother's phone the next day it had taken about 215 pictures of myself.  It is that good.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

** J U N N I K U *Korean Summer Korean Beauty Giveaway!!

** J U N N I K U ** ★★★★ A fashion, beauty and lifestyle blog! ♡: Junniku's "SUMMER 2015" Giveaway Extravaganza!: Again, I continue to call myself "Junniku" for giveaways. Hmm. Thank you for sticking with me, even when I was basically non-exi...

I entered into Junniku Korean Beauty giveaway go to the link and enter and win a bunch of awesome korean beauty products.!!

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Elite Playing Cards Review

I got these cards from Elite Playing Cards on accident for free, they were selling them off Kickstarter, although I have an account I didn't order these. It got sent by accident, none the less I got ask to review these and I said sure. These are of my own honest opinons  These cards are pretty nice it has gold and I didn't open the other box yet. I took them out and played twenty one with my friends and family, it works great. Below are the pictures of the deck of cards. If you are interested go look them up.

Very elegant on the outside

Very elegant on the inside of the cards.

These are their Limited edition 

Friday, August 7, 2015

Influenster Sunshine Voxbox Review

I got this free to try so these are my honest opinons if you would like a box you should join Influenster

These are quite nice These Dickinson I used this to wipe off my makeup there is a smell but i am used to witch hazel

This Vaseline Spray is also good it doesn't smell but it isn't slick or greasy. Goes on smooth and last a while. Very nice spray.

This wasn't as spicy as I thought it was so it was yummy for me

This is a nice color of shade I can't wear it on my fingers on my hands right now so its on my toes its a lovely color from Sinful Colors Southern Belle

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Snuggle Den Snuggle Bear Review

So I am a member of Snuggle Den Community its like Smiley360 and My mission that i got this time was a snuggle bear stuffed toy. I received this free in exchange for my honest opinions!

My mission was to take it him/her with me to have fun but the only fun place i went to was at the doctor's office so that is where i took him.

While waiting to go in for my appointment we were sitting outside in the lobby.

while in the room waiting for the nurse to come in waiting to do more paperwork

waiting for doctors and nurse to come in, snuggle bear exploring

still waiting for 30 minutes for the doctor to come in, sitting on the um bed?

If you want to have missions like this go join Snuggle Den Community and do surveys and get missions like these. It's very fun and its not hard to do these missions and you get rewards for doing it too for some.

Monday, July 27, 2015

Hawaii Snack Box July Review

I got my Hawaii Snack Box this month its my third one and I have to say this was just not better than the 1st two. If you like to try to get a subscription go to and pick a subscription get your 1st box free!!

What the outerbox usually looks like 

What is inside the box

This Island Princesss Maui Onions Macadmia Nuts are really darn good Its onion and nuts totally different and i like it!!

This lion coffee i have no tried yet i havent opened it

This as usual is from Li Hing Mui from Asia Trans Rainbow Belts candy. Plum, but this one tastes better than the cotton candy from my 1st box

Lychee candy i had about 10 or 11 pieces but i gave some away to my mom this is yummy

This as it says is the Da Best Chex Mix Eva with Furikake seasoning, I just tasted it and it is really good and sweet. Its different than that regular chex mix 

So this is my review if you want some go to their facebook page or their webpage and get it! 

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Suze likes, loves, finds and dreams: Review & Giveaway: Tanya Loves Japan Candy Box!

Suze likes, loves, finds and dreams: Review & Giveaway: Tanya Loves Japan Candy Box!: General information The Japan Candy Box is a fantastic initiative of the company that also sends the Kawaii Box .

I entered the  giveaway so if you want to win a Japan candy box enter also !! It has a lot of goodies in this box from japan!!

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

xliciousgirl Summer Giveaway!

I entered Xliciousgirl Summer Giveaway  Which is open worldwide she is giving away makeup!!! and etc. I entered so why not you go enter it too if you want to win!!!

The Link is below so go to her blog and enter she has a lot of awesome things
Summer Giveaway

Friday, July 17, 2015

Bangkok Garden Restaurant Review

 I went to Bangkok garden in Virginia Beach for lunch. I went with my mom, uncle and aunt and not much people were there for lunch but they have a few restaurants open up in different part of the hampton roads area. I been here a lot when i was younger and that was for dinner. Went to eat here 4 yrs ago when a friend came to visit. This time it was just for lunch.
The inside of the restaurant same last 4 years ago but before that it was totally different look.

My mom ordered the pad thai it was pretty good she got full off it.

My Prior wan(Sweet and Sour) Its in the stir fry section. I like this dish better than any other laos or thai restaurant that has it. If consists of pineapples, cucumbers, green and red peppers and corn and onions. It filled me up.

my salad and veggie eggroll

My uncle's noodles with tons of gravy i thought it was Lad Na but it wasnt I couldnd find it on the menu so closest to it lol. My uncle likes it and filled him up.  The only picture i didnt take is Tom Yom Goong, My aunt's dish because she was eating it already and i didnt take it lol.

Overall i would still go there and recommend it if you are in the Virginia Beach area if you come to visit during the summer!

Friday, July 3, 2015

kawaii Box May Unboxing and Giveaway #kawaiibox Ends July 6th From Marnie Rily

Marnie Riley is having Kawaii Box giveaway for July..I am entering cuz i want to win another one!! So its great of Marnie to have this giveaway!!

If you want to enter go subscribe to her channel and follow and enter her giveaway. She is awesome!!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Freebies and Samples 06/22/ to 06/27/15

Jerkys Reviews

I been eating a lot of different jerkys for the pass few months there are certainley some that are not in this post because i cant find those pictures.

Perky Jerky their Turkey is delicious. Their beef is ok. But like their turkey.

This is Walgreen's De Lish their own i think and their maple bacon jerky is also great!! I like it so i will go buy more.

This is harris teeter Bridgford . Its smokey and i dont like it too spicy for me will buy other kinds from them but not this one

Krave Their grilled sweet teriyaki is aweosme I like it and will buy more.

This is from Trader Joe's Wild Salmon Jerky i like it, It may be hard but i like it!!

But I am very much into asian style pork, beef jerky from hong kong trying different jerkys is awesome it will let me decide which one in america is better.