Sunday, June 28, 2015

Jerkys Reviews

I been eating a lot of different jerkys for the pass few months there are certainley some that are not in this post because i cant find those pictures.

Perky Jerky their Turkey is delicious. Their beef is ok. But like their turkey.

This is Walgreen's De Lish their own i think and their maple bacon jerky is also great!! I like it so i will go buy more.

This is harris teeter Bridgford . Its smokey and i dont like it too spicy for me will buy other kinds from them but not this one

Krave Their grilled sweet teriyaki is aweosme I like it and will buy more.

This is from Trader Joe's Wild Salmon Jerky i like it, It may be hard but i like it!!

But I am very much into asian style pork, beef jerky from hong kong trying different jerkys is awesome it will let me decide which one in america is better.

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