Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Night Light Table LED Lamp- Micro Landscape Design-Touch To Control Review

I got this from  a seller in my emails that ask me to try this out in exchange for my honest opinions. These i saw was cute so i chose it. Inside is a animal design it has calm and soothing light if you are scare at night or if your kid is scared of night and having this in the bedroom would be good for them.

You can turn it on and it will turn on or you can turn on and you can use your hands to tap it to many different settings 3 modes  middle, bright and low It has a usb charge

I chose a blue one so its pretty cute the lights are pretty you can put it anywhere in the house either for bedroom or for when you want to read.

It came with a gift bag so if you want to gift it to someone with a kid or baby you can do that.

AICase Hubsan H002 Nano Q4 2.4GHz 4CH 6-axis GYRO Headless Mode Mini RC Quadcopter Helicopter Drone Review

I got This Alcase Hubsan H002 Nano Quadcopter Helicopter Drone on discount It has a charger it has extra Mini blades, camera but i dont have a SDHC card to test it out so i dont know what it sees there is a remote that needs AAA batteries and so I put that in and it totally works. I added it in to the remote control and it lights up to red. On the drone i had to press down so it can also have  colors come on to  know that it has turned on. It is very light weight and durable. I made it fly and it goes really fast up in the sky and than it just falls down fast. It didn't break at all.

The camera is 480 and i it comes with a USB cable, a manual, a transmitter. The remote is easy to use you just need to turn it on and it makes noises. If you have trouble just look in the manual how to use it.

Overall this is my 1st helicopter drone and i must say its cute durable and easy to use I like it and when i get the SDHC card I will test it out some more

Check the link to the drone below

Sunday, November 20, 2016

LANGRIA U-Shaped Memory Foam Velour Travel Neck Pillow with Gel Review

I got this free to try and give my honest own opinions from Langria.  This is a travel pillow is made of memory foam and is very soft and breathable.  It supports your neck and to the curve of your neck. The white part of the pillow is the cooling gel so you can be cool on your neck. I been sleeping on it in bed on the gel and it does feel very cool. I like that it is soft and the velvet is very nice feeling.

The pillow is 0.84lbs and there is a snap closure which i didnt know what it was before and it says it was to snap onto your luggage handle which is pretty awesome.  I haven't been anywhere yet to try it out yet except for home. You can take it to travel, on trains, on flights anywhere

This is one of my first item from Langria and i have to say their products are worth it. I will definitely buy more from them!

The link to the product is below or you can go check them out on Facebook

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Back To Reviews

I havent been blogging or reviewing products because my laptop keys some of them didnt work so kind of hard to type and review products, but i bought a wireless keyboard so now i can type better so reviews of products will be coming soon. Also needed a break I have ton of products that I need to review on my blog .

Hope you have a great Thanksgiving next week if i dont post in the next few days !

Kawaii Box – Cuteness and Giveaway!!

I entered artsmum kawaii box giveaway has all sorts of japanese toys and snacks and stationary, If you have not ever got one yet from a subscription than win one before you see if you want to subscribe. I havent ever subscribed yet so i want to win one so go enter her giveaway!

The link is above

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Nescafe Classic Vietnamese Instant Coffee Big Red Review

This Vietnamese coffee from Nescafe is usually a great coffee usually asian versions of Nescafe is very yummy. Though vietnamese coffee is usually never sweet its always bitter. I know just only black coffee is bitter.

I usually never drink vietnamese coffee unless my mom makes it in the morning. I have tons of different vietnamese brand of coffee. I put creamer in it so it became light brown its much better after my first initial taste before i added anything else. Even if i am chinese/vietnamese i cant read but i know how much water to put as much as i want because i love coffee.

Before anything cut the package open this is instant coffee so just pour it in the cup than add water. The smell of the coffee aroma is wonderful I love vietnamese or just coffee smell

There is 15 sticks in the box

If you want to try look at the link below and check it out it wont hurt to try! If you dont like bitter coffee you can add sugar or sweetener in it!!

I got this free to review and try and give my honest own opinions on it!!

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Knitted Mermaid Tail Blanket -DDbest Mermaid Handmade Crochet Blanket Review

So I got this Knitted Mermaid Tail Blanket to review from one of the sellers who emailed me in my personal emails asking me to review this so of course i been trying to win one for a while or waiting to get one on amazon, but haven't had a chance to win or too lazy to buy one so the chance to review was great I jumped at the chance.

This knitted blanket is from DDbest on amazon I received it and it came in a clear bag that is sucked in at first i thought it was a hard blanket, but once i opened the bag it became long and soft. It was very pretty color i got the light purple A. This blanket you need to hand wash and dry it do not put in the washing machine or dryer. Please dry it on a clothing line or something. This is for kids and adults so I like it, It is very warm and comfortable but before you use it you just need to hand wash it first before anything else. There is an opening in the back so very easy to slip in the back and there is a opening at the end of the tail.  So breathable

The quality is excellent, durability is great. This product works as expected I will probably buy more in the future.

If you like it go check the link out above!

This product was as a discounted rate for me to try and give my honest own opinions!

Friday, August 19, 2016

WowBox Grand Reopening Giveaway is having a grand reopening giveaway.

This japanese subsciption boxes have 4 themes 1. is dasgashi this has 12 items and it reminds you of childhood with chocolates, savory snacks, gummies and hard candies

If you subscribe there is discounts for  6 to 12 months and that is 20% off,

 Right now there is a 10% off code which is grand_wowbox this code is valid till September 30th!!

2nd box theme is Fun and Tasty its all anime, DIY treats

3rd box is Kawaii and Beauty so that has low cal snacks, beauty and health conscious treats

4th Box is new and limited which is super unlimited things you cant get but only in japan!!

So click the link and go check the box out!!  also click my link to go to the giveaway and enter the giveaway  or if not click my link go to their facebook page and enter through there~

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Maple Holistics Sunflower Seed Oil Review!

Sunflower oil is very light and effective when I message my family with this oil. My mom loves it on her skin and said it feels great and it does moisturized her skin on her face and arms. It has a very light smell and its great that it doesn't have a very strong scent. It even works great on my oily and dry face. It keeps my skin hydrated and very smooth all around. I never had sunflower seed oil in my collection and never it so I like it very much. This helps to protect the skin's collagen and elastin. It is very non greasy on my hands etc. I have not used it on my hair yet, but will give it a try soon. 

I received this product free to try and give my honest unbiased opinons and no way affliated with their company.

Please go check them out on their facebook page or on their amazon page. They do giveaways alot on their facebook page.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Seventh Generation + Maya Rudolph | Vajingle


Maya Rudolph tells it like it is in the best awesome way ever. Worth Watching! #generationgood #comeclean go join seventh generation and get products to try for #free and fill out your profile that fits and answer some short survey questions.

the link is below

Thursday, June 16, 2016

japan-candy-box giveaway from Beejuboxes

Beejuboxes is doing another giveaway this time for Japan Candy Box one that i never tried yet but i would love to win it as I usually do like to enter these giveaways hosted by beejuboxes.

This is what it looks like the box and this giveaway seems more pretty and exciting. Go to the link above and enter to win one if you want to try japanese snacks and candy that you can not get in the states or wherever you are.

Push Pin Travel Website

Push Pin Travel Maps is a very nice website where you can find country maps, US maps, state maps and etc. There are map pins where you can stick a pin on the map, There are travel diy maps where you can do whatever with it. Its a very helpful website to look at if you dont know your states or counties location is at. I think its cool and i would like to have my very own travel map world map. Though you need to buy them the prices are not that steep, but its worth it I think

I entered there giveaway for the delta $200 giftcard so go check their website out to see if you like their stuff.

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Seventh Generation Laundry Detergent Review

I had a coupon from Seventh Generation Community from my mission so my product was free and these are of my own opinion. I bought Seventh Generation Ultra Power Plus free and clear this product was a new one so I thought why not its Plant Based or Plant Tech whichever. It clears out stains and everything the link below is the my picture of the product i bought.

Its a natural product and since its free and clear there is no fragrance so i love that i dont want too strong of a scent or one that doesnt work quite well.

If you join seventh generation community its a community like smiley360 to get products to review and give honest opinons. The link is also below

It works quite well for my clothes though none of my clothes have stains or anything but its clear and smells fresh.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Lumsing USB Wall Charger 4-Port 21W Multi-Port Charger Review

Lumsing USB Wall Charger 4-Port 21W Multi-Port Charger for Samsung galaxy, ipad, iphone 

I joined Lumsing review program so i can review their products and they have a facebook page where they do giveaways. I really wanted to win a product but did not have a chance to so when they made a review program i joined and got accepted and picked this Lumsing USB wall charger. 

So I got this free to test and try out and give my honest unbiased opinons. This charger is gray the one I got there are different colors I will leave a link under the pictures later.

I have travel chargers that has one or two usb port but I wanted one where i can charge a lot more so i should have gotten the one i saw for more usb ports lol but i got this one with 4 instead. This works really well. Its small and light weight portable wall charger. I have an samsung galaxy tablet and phone and another zte phone and it charges all of them.

Its just too bad that i didnt look at the options otherwise i would gotten the wires too but i was too fast and got one that doesn't.

The texture is pretty like i got the 21w intellegent

So check them out on facebook and join their review program or check out the link to the product

Saturday, May 28, 2016

Core Prime Case, MagicSky [Shock Absorption] Studded Rhinestone Bling Hybrid Dual Layer Armor Defender Protective Case Cover for Samsung Galaxy Core Prime / Prevail LTE 4G(Sleeping Owls) Review

Magicsky company emailed me in my personal email so i also never had contact with them before they emailed me. They emailed me a bunch of products to review and I picked phone cover case for my samsung galaxy core prime case. First i picked the wrong link to give to them i wanted another color like black, accidently got the owl instead so that was my fault. It bling has studded rhinestones and it's dual layer. The rubber part fits my phone but when i tried to put it into the hardback cover one side fit and other side did not each time i press down on it it just made my volume go up louder an louder. I tried four times. It is supposed to fit my phone, but it also doesn't. I will try it again later.

It is indeed very lightweight and slim also made with high quality durable so durable that i feel it wont break but i dont want to push hard on it either.

They are made from china, but they do make cute designs.

I received this for a discount to try and give my honest unbiased opinons so these are my honest honest opinions. If you have a galaxy core prime go check the link below.

Yuhan Pretty 6pcs Packing Cubes Set Travel Luggage Organizer Bag 3 Cubes 3 Pouches Review

This company Yuhan emailed me in my personal emails so I never had any other contact with them  before they emailed me to review their packing cubes. These basically were not my style the design and picture but I got them anyways because the blue dot one were the only ones that were ok for me. These have 3 pouches for laundry, but basically I wont be using them for laundry, but shoes and other things. Laundry bag is too small. The other three bags the bags are ok not great quality, but ok quality. The zippers are not that easy to open, easy to close. This one is fully see through mesh that is something that I don't like. I like it to be either halfway or on the bottom half or top half but not all mesh on top. The zippers are made from nylon its ok and plastic pulling head. It is also waterproof. These are plastic so which is why it's ok, but not that great.

I was giving a discount in exchange for a review to try and give my honest unbiased opinions, personally i am giving this to anyone in my family that want these since they dont have it. If you are interested the link to the product is below.

Woogwin 4 Set Packing Cubes,Travel Luggage Packing Organizer Compression Pouches Review

These travel packing cubes are from company Woogwin. I have also gotten emails from them to review their products and this is probably my 2nd or 3rd time reviewing for them .Their products are also of high quality. These are a pack of 4 so I got these ones for my aunt and so i got the gray color. I thought it was all gray, but there was a pink lining which is pretty cute. The bag is durable and great quality. The zippers are easy to unzip and zip back, only. It has see through mesh on the bottom half which is nice.  These bags are waterproof but i havent taken it out in the rain yet so do not know

When I receive this I did not see the handle on the bag so that was pretty good I didnt notice it at first. The smallest bag I could put my shoes in it or makeup whichever. The zipper on top which is extra i wont be putting anything in it. The 3rd bag will be private. The 2nd bag will be tshirts and extra thin it can fit about 8 shirts and 3 skirts. The bigger bag will fit 4 jeans, sweaters shorts

I received these as a discount for exchange of giving my unbiased honest opinions the link to them are below

HOPSOOKEN 5pc Packing Cubes Set Large Travel Luggage Organizer 4 Cubes 1 Laundry Pouch Bag Review

These Travel Packing Cubes that I got from Hopsooken were on a discount to review and try and give my honest unbias opinions. Hopsooken emails me each time so let me review products so email me with personal emails. I have had other packing cubs but mine when i bought them they were not a review item but these are. I got these for my mom so when they emailed me asking me to review I said ok. 

Hopsooken products are good quality these packing cubs are good quality, the zippers are strong and easy to unzip and zip up. The texture of the bag is very nice.

These 5 packing cubes are rectangle, they are pretty big size. I rolled my clothes to test it out and it fits more than 5 tshirts for the medium bag, The large size i put jeans or sweaters in them about 7 also i can fit. The laundry bag i dont intend to to use it as a laundry but put my shoes in. I dont know what i would put in the 4th bag but the smallest would be personal items such as bras, underwear, socks etc. My luggage has two sides so it will fit perfectly and it doesnt weigh heavy in your luggage so lightweight.  If my mom doesnt use it than i will use it. There is a mesh top so you will see what you are looking at

If you want to check these out the link is below.

Saturday, April 30, 2016

Kao Ani Japan Candy Box May Box Giveaway

I entered into Kao Ani blog for her japan candy box may review box giveaway it looks to be very cute candy and else It has hello melody well sanrio candy mix and go check them out on her blog and enter the giveaway I sure did!!~click the link above

Sunday, April 17, 2016

UrSpeedtekLive Samsung Galaxy Core Prime Case Review

Been a while I will have pictures and stuff from my trip to taiwan and japan soon but right now i am going to do a review on products I got .

So This is a product from a seller UrSpeektekLive that emailed me asking me to review phone cases and tablet cases. I don't Ipads or anything but I have samsung tablet and samsung galaxy prime core case so I got this as a discounted rate to try and give my honest opinion on Samsung galaxy prime core case. I like it, but its cover is hard and the picture on the cover is cute Don't touch my phone. Its cute.

It has a string so you can carry on your wrist if you want to. The stylus pen is too long. Uusally the stylus pens I get from other places are short so it works quite well. I haven't tried the stylus pen on this one yet. It has a magenetc snap its always good. The snapback into the phone is rubber not sure if I like that. I like snap the phone into a hardcase thing. The slots to put in your id cards or cash works as well.

The link to the product is on amazon

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Ovi Hydration Review

I saw this either at Kroger or Harris Teeter and it was a new product that was new to me so I got it. The flavor was Citrus. This drink i didnt know what company made it the day i got it until i drank it yesterday. So i had this for about a couple weeks now in the fridge. Now that I looked at it, it's a product made from Japan Suntory. Now Suntory is a brand when I was in Japan and Hong Kong that I like to buy and drink they have the best drinks. OVI website is from OVI Australia or New Zealand on facebook. They have a lot of flavors I like this one better though I haven't tried the other ones yet, but i will.  This is fruit infused with other natural flavors made from sea salt and honey. Its to restore your energy or when you are thirsty after a run. It contains purified water,  sugar lemon juice, green tea extract and Oolong tea extract.

When I go shopping again I will definitely get this. It is my favorite suntory drink other than other japanese drinks.

Please go check out the drinks on the site if you like and search where you can go buy it at.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

CaliWater Cactus Water Review

I recently bought this Cali Water Cactus Water flavor of Wild prickly pear. I seen it on facebook and wanted to try to win it, but haven't won yet. I saw it at my local  grocery kroger and never seen it before about 3 weeks that I have not been there. I never drunk Cactus water and thought I would love to try it out. There were no other flavors except water at Kroger since i like it so much its not strong flavor of the pear. I will get some more when I go back to Kroger. This simple yet tasty drink is to replenish yourself and it has vital nutrients for your body.  It has cccuring electrolytes that supports hydration. Natural Flavors and used Organic cane sugar.

It is also Non-gmo go check out

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Crowdtap Reynolds Slow Cook Liners Review

I had this mission that I applied for which is the Reynolds Slow Cook Liners that I got for free so these are my own honest unbias opinions.

I had to use the liners to make my own receipes or Crowdtap i did chili and creamy corn potato chowder. Both were good, but my favorite one that I made was the chili i never cooked in the crock pot before and so it was my first time and my mom loves my cooking if you can call it that.

I have to say never cooked on crock pot ever, but now that i have will continue to do so and will buy the liners in the future when i want to cook. join crowdtap and do polls, get points do missions, apply for missions get products to try or test and give you honest opinions.

                                                      Reynolds Slow cooker liner.

 What i cooked for my 1st is the creamy corn potato chowder

The finished product

creamy sweet corn
1 can of kernel corn
i cut up 3 small potatos 
2 cups of milk
1 clove of garlic
cooked on low for 8 hours

2nd is Chili

done produt


1 raw red beef cooked 
1 can of black beans
1 can of kidney beans
1 chop half garlic
1 can of dice tomato
1 jar of tomato garlc pasta sauce 
sour crea
cook on low for 8 hours

Friday, January 29, 2016

Charrmyn ♥ - Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel: Leavers 2015 - pt.II Singapore

Charrmyn ♥ - Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel: Leavers 2015 - pt.II Singapore:

Charmyn is doing a giveaway on her blog so pretty much entered ! Go enter and check out her blog and travel locations she went to she is doing a kawaii giveaway so the items are pretty cute and i want it!!! so why dont you guy go there too!`

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

1SaleClub 100$ Amazon Gift Card giveaway!

1sale club is doing a giveaway of $100 amazon giftcard go enter and do the things daily and you may win I know i am entering!!

Bits and Boxes: Japan Candy Box December 2015 Review and Giveaway

Bits and Boxes: Japan Candy Box December 2015 Review and Giveaway: Japan Candy Box is an international subscription that sends Japanese candy to your door every month. That means no matter where on earth ...

Bits and Boxes is having a giveaway for Japan Candy Box go enter i know i am entering !!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Aliexpress Kawaii Shopping: Giveaway Time!!!

Aliexpress Kawaii Shopping: Giveaway Time!!!: Buongiorno a tutti voi! Oggi è un giorno speciale in quanto è aperto il primo giveaway di Aliexpress Kawaii! Ho deciso di farlo per d...

I entered this giveaway for Aliexpress Kawaii Shopping you should too enter and get some cute stuff!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Influenster Jinglevoxbox Review

I got picked for Influenster for a voxbox and it was the #jinglevoxbox there is a lot of nice stuff in there. This is all free from Influenster for review purposes.

As Influenster is a place where you can review things if you get picked there and you have to share in all social medias if you have all of them and give you own opinions so these are all my own opinions.

So this is what is in my box  Ida Ore Free tater tot coupon, a Ittybitty doll, kiss lashes all natural, pure ice nail polish. Kiss adheseive. Biscoff and cetaphil cream and Nyc 24 hour waterproof eyeliner. come join if you want to join me come join and enter and try products you normally won't try and be open to trying new products and giving your view It is free 

This was really messy but on my first try I didnt make a mess everywhere as i saw others do it.

The kiss eyelashes were all natural. I didnt have a hard time putting it on it looks like this on my eyes. on the picture below. It was my first time trying false eyelashes and the nyc 24 hour waterproof eyeliner is what I also have one.

This Cetaphil cream is pretty nice no mess it goes on smooth and no fragrance smell. It is a plus

The NYC 24 hour waterproof eyeliner

The Biscoff which I had before on airplanes and i paired it with coffee and it was delicious. I have never paired it with coffee before.

Pure ice Nail polish called Home Run I thought it was ok not what i want, It runs a little although it is a nice color.

cant fix it upright and Ore Ida tater tots I made the plate tater tots, chicken slices and mozzeralla cheese it was really delicious 

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Kiss True Volume Lashes Review

I got these also in my Influenster Jinglevoxbox. I was very nervous getting these in my box as I never use fake eyelashes all my life so when I got these I went on youtube to watch tutorials to see some had a hard time putting them on and when I tried them on it was very easy for me. I use the adhesive and nothing was messy I followed the directions and I put them on my real lashes and it looked natural to me. I had to cut a little bit off at the ends, It is soft and not that hard lashes. I think the black adhesive was black and i dont know what it meant be to clear to be clear like see through. I would recommend these to friends.

What the Kiss Eyelashes look like

Kiss Volume Lashes

Use this for it

On my eyes.