Tuesday, February 23, 2016

CaliWater Cactus Water Review

I recently bought this Cali Water Cactus Water flavor of Wild prickly pear. I seen it on facebook and wanted to try to win it, but haven't won yet. I saw it at my local  grocery kroger and never seen it before about 3 weeks that I have not been there. I never drunk Cactus water and thought I would love to try it out. There were no other flavors except water at Kroger since i like it so much its not strong flavor of the pear. I will get some more when I go back to Kroger. This simple yet tasty drink is to replenish yourself and it has vital nutrients for your body.  It has cccuring electrolytes that supports hydration. Natural Flavors and used Organic cane sugar.

It is also Non-gmo go check out www.drinkcaliwater.com

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