Thursday, March 10, 2016

Ovi Hydration Review

I saw this either at Kroger or Harris Teeter and it was a new product that was new to me so I got it. The flavor was Citrus. This drink i didnt know what company made it the day i got it until i drank it yesterday. So i had this for about a couple weeks now in the fridge. Now that I looked at it, it's a product made from Japan Suntory. Now Suntory is a brand when I was in Japan and Hong Kong that I like to buy and drink they have the best drinks. OVI website is from OVI Australia or New Zealand on facebook. They have a lot of flavors I like this one better though I haven't tried the other ones yet, but i will.  This is fruit infused with other natural flavors made from sea salt and honey. Its to restore your energy or when you are thirsty after a run. It contains purified water,  sugar lemon juice, green tea extract and Oolong tea extract.

When I go shopping again I will definitely get this. It is my favorite suntory drink other than other japanese drinks.

Please go check out the drinks on the site if you like and search where you can go buy it at.

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