Thursday, February 26, 2015

Massage and the importance of using quality products.

Massage is good and quality products are needed such as massage cream or essential oils and Its important to know which products are good for your clients bodies or skin. Even when asking them important questions as to what they are allergic to you would know what kind of oils or cream would fit them enough to not make them itch and relax and enjoy their masssage. If you get things that is too strong of a smell or too light of a smell If it is too diluted it would not work. Natural organic products are the good way to go because organic products wont have all too much things that would make you allergic and make you hate being massaged on.

LED 7x Magnified Makeup Mirror with Cosmetic Organizer Base Review

I got this LED 7x Magnified Makeup Mirror with Cosmetic Organizer Base. when i signed up for Toilettree review club I guess and picked two things to review and I got accepted for the 20 people they had filled If you want to review for them go sign up and be on the wait list when they open up again. They gave me this code with this product that I picked so I was happy. I got this to review for exchange for an honest review of their products. This is of my own opinons not sponsored or anything

I been wanting a makeup storage thing and a standing mirror not together but when the chance to review and there was this product I was like estastic.

My make up fits with stuff i use on a daily basis so I am happy about that

I put batteries in the back it takes up three AAA batteries. than the led lights will turn on, The mirror is 7X Maginitaze cant spell sorry. So looking into the mirror i have to be really close else i cant see a close of up of but that the mirror is really good too.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Freebies Samples and Wins 2/8/ to 2/20/2105

My freebies, samples and Wins for the whole two weeks because i didnt update last week. I got my Dove Spray from walmart, I Got the Sample full size of Yeo's Chili sauce and my Redemption of mycokerewards and Revelations RX facial mask

Hansen's coupon which i complimented and said they were going to send me some coupons and My Santa Baby Bellk $25 win from Christmas time

I got the Bracelet from Liquidation Channel that was a registration for a limited time and you get a free $20 worth of jewerly. Twinning tea samples and my redemption of Skinny Cow Vini cup

I got mylowes reward card i guess i signed up to get it so i can get points but not sure Than I won some essential oils from I Love Essential oils 7 of them but out of 7 1 cap broke so i had to email them and tell them one broke and replace it and it is in the picture a few pictures down

My Nelmed Sinus Rinse bottle and package and my 2nd Revelations RX Facial Mask i dont know why i got a 2nd one but awesome

Close up Limited time is over

Salada Green tea and zumba party together, shea moisture samples, command strips samples, some coupons from Ling Lings, Amy's coupons and Campbells Coupons i requested or complimented

Another Dove spray from target uniliver, Tena samples, Dr. Lin Md. Wipes 3 of them but out of 3 2 were leaked out so i had to contact Dr. Lin to get replaced. and Zarbees samples
Foam Roller i got off amazon for review cost me nothing since i used a promotional code.

Whey Protein sample and Maccha Green Tea cookies I got off amazon with my survey money redeemed into giftcards

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Influenster VoxBox Pantene Full and Strong Conditioner and Dry Shampoo Review

My first Influenster Voxbox came and in the box was the Pantenes Full and Strong Conditioner and Dry Shampoo. This was free product for me to review and these are of my own opinons

So after washing my hair and soaking my hair with the conditioner and shampoo i waited for a bit before rinsing it out and I usually do my hair two times and After i finish rinsing it out. I dried my hair and later on it was dry and it felt different and looked different. It felt soft and shiny but not shiny as in what i had before and i didnt have any danruff on my head that much it didnt even showed. It also didnt make my hair greasy at all the next day. I showed my boyfriend this picture and he said it looked soft. I went out with my friend and she said my hair look fuller and more softer. I didnt really squeeze that much out of both bottles. I would definitely buy this in the future. I love Pantene products so love trying new things from them.

I dont have pictures of after when used the Dry shampoo and I have never used any dry shampoo before so i didnt know how to use but thank you for the directions. It smells great and after i used it left my hair not oily and my hair was oily.

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Freebies samples and wins from week of 2/2 to 2/6/15

This week of freebies and samples and wins are not that much but here you can check out what i have

My win of That's It tote bag and fruit bars that I won in January. Nature Made coupons that i emailed asking for some but while complimenting them and some coupons from wild planet

Frut Bars

Next is some Glee Gun sample package slender bar drink, some omega swirls, gee gum and some coupons and the other sample is John Frieda hair an shampoo for color or treat hair.

My amazon items i bought off amazon my KAT-TUN dead or Alive cd and arm warmer gloves use with my giftcards so it was free for me

My Moms Made Coupon and Domino's sugar coupon and receipe book with coupons in it i emailed them saying my mom loves to bake with their sugar and they sent coupons

Last my win from slutty girl blog from I won from Good Clean Fun a pack of stuff before valentine's day and Some coffee energy screaming drink

Senze massage candle, coupon, lubricant, body candy and some candy and oil

Influenster Voxbox Pantene unboxing

So i received my 1st Influenster voxbox and it is Pantene to try and test. These are of my own opinions in no form am i being paid to give good reviews. I used the Two bottles of shampoo and conditioner and the dry shampoo i haven't used it yet so its part of my review so i will do the 2nd part of the review later. Below is the unboxing of the box and then under the video would be part of my review.

The shampoo smells great when i unboxed it and Its new and pantene is my favorite to use anyways I took a shower today and used the shampoo and conditioner and right now my hair is soft and isnt giving me any problems would i buy it in the future not too sure i love it but am not too sure if i would buy it. Look towards my 2nd part with the dry shampoo in a couple days thanks!!