Saturday, February 7, 2015

Freebies samples and wins from week of 2/2 to 2/6/15

This week of freebies and samples and wins are not that much but here you can check out what i have

My win of That's It tote bag and fruit bars that I won in January. Nature Made coupons that i emailed asking for some but while complimenting them and some coupons from wild planet

Frut Bars

Next is some Glee Gun sample package slender bar drink, some omega swirls, gee gum and some coupons and the other sample is John Frieda hair an shampoo for color or treat hair.

My amazon items i bought off amazon my KAT-TUN dead or Alive cd and arm warmer gloves use with my giftcards so it was free for me

My Moms Made Coupon and Domino's sugar coupon and receipe book with coupons in it i emailed them saying my mom loves to bake with their sugar and they sent coupons

Last my win from slutty girl blog from I won from Good Clean Fun a pack of stuff before valentine's day and Some coffee energy screaming drink

Senze massage candle, coupon, lubricant, body candy and some candy and oil

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