Friday, January 29, 2016

Charrmyn ♥ - Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel: Leavers 2015 - pt.II Singapore

Charrmyn ♥ - Beauty, Fashion, Lifestyle, Travel: Leavers 2015 - pt.II Singapore:

Charmyn is doing a giveaway on her blog so pretty much entered ! Go enter and check out her blog and travel locations she went to she is doing a kawaii giveaway so the items are pretty cute and i want it!!! so why dont you guy go there too!`

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

1SaleClub 100$ Amazon Gift Card giveaway!

1sale club is doing a giveaway of $100 amazon giftcard go enter and do the things daily and you may win I know i am entering!!

Bits and Boxes: Japan Candy Box December 2015 Review and Giveaway

Bits and Boxes: Japan Candy Box December 2015 Review and Giveaway: Japan Candy Box is an international subscription that sends Japanese candy to your door every month. That means no matter where on earth ...

Bits and Boxes is having a giveaway for Japan Candy Box go enter i know i am entering !!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Aliexpress Kawaii Shopping: Giveaway Time!!!

Aliexpress Kawaii Shopping: Giveaway Time!!!: Buongiorno a tutti voi! Oggi è un giorno speciale in quanto è aperto il primo giveaway di Aliexpress Kawaii! Ho deciso di farlo per d...

I entered this giveaway for Aliexpress Kawaii Shopping you should too enter and get some cute stuff!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Influenster Jinglevoxbox Review

I got picked for Influenster for a voxbox and it was the #jinglevoxbox there is a lot of nice stuff in there. This is all free from Influenster for review purposes.

As Influenster is a place where you can review things if you get picked there and you have to share in all social medias if you have all of them and give you own opinions so these are all my own opinions.

So this is what is in my box  Ida Ore Free tater tot coupon, a Ittybitty doll, kiss lashes all natural, pure ice nail polish. Kiss adheseive. Biscoff and cetaphil cream and Nyc 24 hour waterproof eyeliner. come join if you want to join me come join and enter and try products you normally won't try and be open to trying new products and giving your view It is free 

This was really messy but on my first try I didnt make a mess everywhere as i saw others do it.

The kiss eyelashes were all natural. I didnt have a hard time putting it on it looks like this on my eyes. on the picture below. It was my first time trying false eyelashes and the nyc 24 hour waterproof eyeliner is what I also have one.

This Cetaphil cream is pretty nice no mess it goes on smooth and no fragrance smell. It is a plus

The NYC 24 hour waterproof eyeliner

The Biscoff which I had before on airplanes and i paired it with coffee and it was delicious. I have never paired it with coffee before.

Pure ice Nail polish called Home Run I thought it was ok not what i want, It runs a little although it is a nice color.

cant fix it upright and Ore Ida tater tots I made the plate tater tots, chicken slices and mozzeralla cheese it was really delicious 

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Kiss True Volume Lashes Review

I got these also in my Influenster Jinglevoxbox. I was very nervous getting these in my box as I never use fake eyelashes all my life so when I got these I went on youtube to watch tutorials to see some had a hard time putting them on and when I tried them on it was very easy for me. I use the adhesive and nothing was messy I followed the directions and I put them on my real lashes and it looked natural to me. I had to cut a little bit off at the ends, It is soft and not that hard lashes. I think the black adhesive was black and i dont know what it meant be to clear to be clear like see through. I would recommend these to friends.

What the Kiss Eyelashes look like

Kiss Volume Lashes

Use this for it

On my eyes.

Cetaphill Moisturizing Cream Review

I received this in my Influenster Jinglevoxbox for free to test for reviewing purposes so all opinions are my own.

This cream is fragrance free and not messy. I have dry skin on my hands and face and everything not cracked, but dry and this works really smooth and easy on them. I like there is no scent, nothing greasy about it. Its nice for people with acne too

I have never use this brand before so it was pretty nice to try something new and it is determatogist recommended also.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Ore-Ida Totchos Review Receipe

So I had got this Ore-Ida Tater Tots free from Influenster for my #jinglevoxbox mission. They sent me a coupon in my box so I went and got some Tater tots and today I made my tator tots receipe and it was good.  How I made it was just put tater tots in the toaster and prepped it to 451 and than while that was doing its thing i went to put chicken slices in the microwave to heat up for about 5 minutes because it was not thawed out yet. I than took it out of the microwave and than took some shredded mozzeralla cheese and spread it over the slices of chicken and tater tots and put it back in the microwave for 2 minutes and wa lah it came out looking what I put on the plate in the picture below. I never had tater tots with chicken cheese with it just regular breakfast burger and tater tots. This was really good

Cheesy Slice Chicken Totchos
Ore Ida Tater Tots 

1. Tater Tots
2. toaster for 450
3. Put tots in
4. Put slices of chicken or chicken in Microwave about 5 minutes if not thawed
5. take tater tots out and chicken and put in plate
6. Spread shredded cheese on to both items and put in microwave or toaster.
7. If Microwave than 1 or 2 minutes.
8. If toaster a few minutes eye ball it.
9.Take it out and eat!!

My final outcome 

I got this complimentary of Influenster to make and try and give my honest opinions!!  #OreldaTotchos  

Sunday, January 3, 2016

Traveling in March~

So even though my blog is reviews and findings. In March I will be traveling out of the country to go to Okinawa, Japan and Taipei, Taiwan, I will post pictures and blog about it while I am there I will be only gone a week. The last time i was went on Vacation was in 2014 to Hokkaido, Japan and Hong Kong. It will be tons of fun. I might video log it i might just take pictures. Lots of food pictures of where I am eating or what I am buying such as japanese beauty products or what not. So buying the air fare tickets today.

And I hope all of you had a great new year and had a great christmas!!