Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Influenster Jinglevoxbox Review

I got picked for Influenster for a voxbox and it was the #jinglevoxbox there is a lot of nice stuff in there. This is all free from Influenster for review purposes.

As Influenster is a place where you can review things if you get picked there and you have to share in all social medias if you have all of them and give you own opinions so these are all my own opinions.

So this is what is in my box  Ida Ore Free tater tot coupon, a Ittybitty doll, kiss lashes all natural, pure ice nail polish. Kiss adheseive. Biscoff and cetaphil cream and Nyc 24 hour waterproof eyeliner.

www.influenster.com/r/839000 come join if you want to join me come join and enter and try products you normally won't try and be open to trying new products and giving your view It is free 

This was really messy but on my first try I didnt make a mess everywhere as i saw others do it.

The kiss eyelashes were all natural. I didnt have a hard time putting it on it looks like this on my eyes. on the picture below. It was my first time trying false eyelashes and the nyc 24 hour waterproof eyeliner is what I also have one.

This Cetaphil cream is pretty nice no mess it goes on smooth and no fragrance smell. It is a plus

The NYC 24 hour waterproof eyeliner

The Biscoff which I had before on airplanes and i paired it with coffee and it was delicious. I have never paired it with coffee before.

Pure ice Nail polish called Home Run I thought it was ok not what i want, It runs a little although it is a nice color.

cant fix it upright and Ore Ida tater tots I made the plate tater tots, chicken slices and mozzeralla cheese it was really delicious 

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