Monday, December 22, 2014

Freebies and Samples and wins 12/15-/12/20

This weeks freebies and samples and wins i got were a sample of the DaVinci coffee creamer, two dove samples and Sundown Naturals Vitamines. My win from this picture is for the Dirty Girl sweepstakes so i won a coupon for Free item.

I used my earnings from surveys for redeem amazon giftcards so i got this Brand Electric Kettle for 111 and the Argan Oil i use a promo code not a amazon gift code and i havent used it yet. But the electric water kettle works good and it has music when the temperature is done boiling.

My allure win Kerastase i just got it from UPS at my front door I didnt know i won but its not something I would use so i just gave it to my mom she will use it 

Along with my Allure win i bought this Detangle Brush off Amazon with my amazon giftcards it really works well with my hair being wet and dry. It didnt give me any knots at all overall its a awesome brush even though my hair still shedded when I brushed.

Friday i received my Perdue tote bag that from Perdue that was from my points i had enough that they sent it to me. Dove sample from P&G. Omega fish oils samples and Three ear picks that i bought off amazon with my amazon giftcards. I used it and it works really well I lost one which is why i bought one again or 3 again cuz i lost one of mom's so i got it for her and for myself.

Green Tea Smile blogger Plan Her 4 week Weight Loss Plan please go support read or buy! Thanks!!

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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Listerine Ultraclean Review

I received this from Crowdtap free to review and sample nothing paid out of pocket! #UltraClean, #TheUltraCleanTeam #sponsored I received it in the mail this past week or the week before and I shared it with a few people in my household and they tried and it said it was refreshing lasting for a bit and its good. I tried it and indeed it is pretty refreshing in my mouth it just made me want to keep it in my mouth longer without spitting it out! I will be pretty sure to buy this in the future along with other Listerine Products The Listerine Ultraclean is a new product so go out and buy it!

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Friday, December 12, 2014

Nescafe Coffeemate Review

I received from smiley360 that i applied for Nescafe Coffee mate for free to sample and review! I selected the original flavor. I tried it and i love it than i got some of the coupons to receive some free when I go shopping so I used 1 of the coupons to get the the other flavor also but i have not tried that one yet. #freesample #NescafeCoffeemate . I really dont need to put any flavor inside this one but there are some people that do if you want to put sugar you can but i think its in there already. Please go join Smiley360 It taste really delicious!

Monday, December 8, 2014

Freebies Wins and Haul. 12/1-12/6/2014

I had kind of a slow week but than on friday or saturday i had a good mail day I would say. The first picture is my haul and win and things to review My hauls here is epson ink on amazon and the hello kitty mouse pad that i use with doing surveys and getting amazon giftcards it doesnt even cost me more than $50, Bath and Body works coupons i have yet to use. Listerine is from Crowdtap that i got to review and I got that free to try. The 1st and 2nd Picture is of Booty Parlor tshirt lubricant and dust powder I won that from Booty Parlor and it got here Monday quite quick. The tshirt doesnt fit i wish they would have just ask what size before they gave. It doesn't fit me and it doesnt fit my mom so it will go to my cousin for christmas

 Third picture is my target haul on Tuesday I used coupon for the Pantene, Free Nescafe vanilla free coupon no pay still have two more coupons, To Go Snacks half off so that was good for me i have two more coupons for that. market pantry drinks 86 cents neuro daily and bliss which i love I love Bliss more and the daily i just tried and its pretty good but i love Bliss more and i love the kiwi market pantry i havent tried the blue one yet. I got the babylips and than i got the $1 christmas bag.

This i signed up for what the picture website was for my veteran boyfriend and The mouse was i bought it off amazon it was different and i liked it and read the reviews so i thought i would get it the below pictures 

Friday was my better day I got my pinchme box gevalia coffe and acne bullet than i got my Bzzagent mission for Barilla i got the peppers the noodles, and the pepper corn grinder i dont know it might be that. Emergen C samples some more and than The 6 bras off amazon for $17 its a good fit and i might buy more from them in the future It was using my amazon gift card so it was all free.

Autolite win i entered into the sweepstakes i won 2 stickers and a decal,pen notepad and a cap. my cereal sample from somewhere p&g 

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Naughty & Holiday Collection and Naughty & Nice book Release!

Get into the holiday spirit and enjoy these wonderful stories that are available for a limited time for only $0.99. Read the synopsis's below. 

Naughty & Nice A Holiday Collection 

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SECRET SANTA Kathleen Brooks
RUMOR by Skye Jordan
OFF SEASON by Sawyer Bennett: 
MY LOVE by Melanie Shawn
WRAPPED by Evelyn Adams

Also this just release so get it while it is still hot!!
RELEASE DAY!!! It is finally here...Naughty & Nice Box Set! 11 NYT & USA Today bestselling authors bring you 11 wonderful holiday stories for an amazing price, only ,99c

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