Monday, December 8, 2014

Freebies Wins and Haul. 12/1-12/6/2014

I had kind of a slow week but than on friday or saturday i had a good mail day I would say. The first picture is my haul and win and things to review My hauls here is epson ink on amazon and the hello kitty mouse pad that i use with doing surveys and getting amazon giftcards it doesnt even cost me more than $50, Bath and Body works coupons i have yet to use. Listerine is from Crowdtap that i got to review and I got that free to try. The 1st and 2nd Picture is of Booty Parlor tshirt lubricant and dust powder I won that from Booty Parlor and it got here Monday quite quick. The tshirt doesnt fit i wish they would have just ask what size before they gave. It doesn't fit me and it doesnt fit my mom so it will go to my cousin for christmas

 Third picture is my target haul on Tuesday I used coupon for the Pantene, Free Nescafe vanilla free coupon no pay still have two more coupons, To Go Snacks half off so that was good for me i have two more coupons for that. market pantry drinks 86 cents neuro daily and bliss which i love I love Bliss more and the daily i just tried and its pretty good but i love Bliss more and i love the kiwi market pantry i havent tried the blue one yet. I got the babylips and than i got the $1 christmas bag.

This i signed up for what the picture website was for my veteran boyfriend and The mouse was i bought it off amazon it was different and i liked it and read the reviews so i thought i would get it the below pictures 

Friday was my better day I got my pinchme box gevalia coffe and acne bullet than i got my Bzzagent mission for Barilla i got the peppers the noodles, and the pepper corn grinder i dont know it might be that. Emergen C samples some more and than The 6 bras off amazon for $17 its a good fit and i might buy more from them in the future It was using my amazon gift card so it was all free.

Autolite win i entered into the sweepstakes i won 2 stickers and a decal,pen notepad and a cap. my cereal sample from somewhere p&g 

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